Breaking All My Bones!!!

  • Published on:  2/18/2019
  • I broke some bones in Roblox by jumping from cliffs.GET OUR NEW MERCH HERE: https://www.sisvsbro.comMy Dad's gaming channel is Freddy: ► Brother's gaming channel is RonaldOMG: ►


  • Rylee and Maggie
    Rylee and Maggie 3 days ago+7

    You have to buy level 8 to get to the top

  • Keira Frazier
    Keira Frazier 14 days ago+85

    This is how many times Karina said alright

  • Mark Amoah
    Mark Amoah 4 days ago+4

    Karina when I was playing that game I was small not big 😍love your roblox character and you're videos!

  • Nick Brooks
    Nick Brooks yesterday+5

    If you go to the change map and press the arrow next to the main menu there is more maps to buy

  • Tiffany Vu
    Tiffany Vu 14 days ago+13

    You broke your hands to in this game it was really really really really Light red

  • Ruth Petras
    Ruth Petras 1 months ago+6

    I love ur vids! In roblox are soo many weird games XD!

  • Fox World
    Fox World 28 days ago+4

    Couldn't sleep at 3:41 AM so started watching youtube. I wanted to watch something calming and happy because I was scared of the dishwasher and the creaking noises of my window. This was the perfect video.

  • Allan Del valle
    Allan Del valle 28 days ago+5

    Hey Karina I'm JHAYMMI in roblox

  • Suheil lahdo-abdi
    Suheil lahdo-abdi 14 days ago+6


  • Alex B.
    Alex B. 1 months ago+4

    Karina the bleary thing is a cerkoshon I sawer some one Elsea playing it but they only got one they where in map 4

  • Kris Stone
    Kris Stone 2 months ago+11

    You can't go up there because you're on level one and that's like level two

  • Yolanda Rincon
    Yolanda Rincon 28 days ago+4

    18 :58 yOu broke ur whole body AKA PARALYZED

  • Carter Morris
    Carter Morris 7 days ago+6

    You can’t go up there we have to be in level two

  • Mercedes Gonzalez
    Mercedes Gonzalez 1 months ago+3

    I just freinded u but u said:Hi guys im playing my real mincraft idk

  • Pretty Fart
    Pretty Fart 14 days ago+5

    This is how many times I did weird things

    THEA NOEUN 2 months ago+2

    Hi Karina! .can you pleaes play granny with me caues you are the best yutuber in the world and also I love your videos so much there so good anyway bye!😄

  • barbara short
    barbara short 2 months ago+2

    I love your videos so so so so much thank you for making all of your videos!

  • Ella Crutchfield
    Ella Crutchfield 1 months ago+43

    Karina I just played this game right before I watched this

  • Patrick Guo
    Patrick Guo 28 days ago+1

    When you broke your bones it should’ve hurt a lot

  • Michelle Ycong
    Michelle Ycong 14 days ago+1

    the monney is the upgrade ok karina