FlightReacts Gets His Ankles BROKEN By BoneCollector! 1vs1 Basketball!



  • CashNasty 9 months ago

    @flightreacts 1v1 hands tied behind my back on site!!!!

  • Dani3l Y 2 days ago

    CashNasty not again

  • Harlem New York 26 days ago

    Why flight play like a girl SMH LML

  • MGR SVNTH 9 months ago

    flightdelay, im deeead

  • Deonta Odom 4 days ago

    At person who in the video white but saying the nigga word but im black

  • lil KAPRO 13 days ago


  • Baller Dimension 7 months ago

    I swear im going to lilke this comentYou swared

  • Zakery Perez 5 days ago

    Copied comment

  • Joel Heredia 14 days ago

    and you stupid

  • Reviews by Jo G 3 months ago

    2 likes for every time Flight got broke

  • Josh Kearney 2 months ago

    Reviews by Jo G technically u right he got crossed twice

  • Fortnite God on PS4 5 months ago

    12:05 clip it

  • Colin Zimmerman 12 days ago

    The best part was the laugh after

  • Ballin Boi 15 days ago

    R.I.P. flights ankles

  • Respect it or get collected ☠

  • Pengi Penguin 29 days ago

    Wish I got ur handles @bonecollector

  • Adrian Gonzalez 1 months ago

    A bike got more handles than flight

  • Khani Trevor Thomas 6 months ago

    Mopi could have both of his hands tied behind his back, and blindfolded and he would still blow Flight out 15 to 0.

  • ESSAM RAGAB 1 months ago


  • Joseph Morales 2 months ago


  • derrius carroll 6 months ago

    Flight delayed 😂😭

  • Nolove Free 11 days ago

    derrius carroll 😂😂😂

  • Harlem New York 26 days ago

    Why flight play like a girl SMH LML and he looks like he's tap dancing instead of playing defense LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO

  • Roy Charming 9 months ago

    In flight’s defense, the earth was kind of tilted. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Aman Lal 11 days ago


  • Umer Ahsan 12 days ago

    Bruh fr. The earth had a 180.05 degree angle instead of beong perfectly straight. This match was rigged

  • Cai Martin 6 months ago

    14:52 I’m dead

  • Viiral 10 days ago

    Give that guy a map - Chris smove

  • Umer Ahsan 12 days ago

    Lolol merry goround