I.M X HYUNGWON (MONSTA X) - 'FAKE LOVE' (COVER) Lyrics [Color Coded]

  • Published on:  11/12/2018
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  • monteen x
    monteen x 9 months ago+3235

    "I.M that's my name, M to the X is my fam"
    "Monbebe that's my lover's name"
    OK I C O N I C

  • juni
    juni 9 months ago+2151

    hi armys ~ us monbebe don’t want to cause a drama because we are very welcoming to other fandoms and want peace all around . we are very proud of our boys so pls understand it’s kind of uncomfortable to see all the comments about bts instead of our boys :( monbebe just want to spread love to monsta x and other fandoms so just appreciate this music and be unbothered ☺️❤️

  • Melevan V
    Melevan V 9 months ago+1576

    I like this version more than Drake's. Hyungwon's voice is so soothing.

  • keroberos
    keroberos 9 months ago+2771

    “MONBEBE that’s my lover’s name” I SCREAMED

  • KTFQ 359
    KTFQ 359 8 months ago+530

    "MONBEBE that's my lover's name."
    Guys I am apparently I.M's lover. I'm not complaining though.

  • Julia Lima
    Julia Lima 9 months ago+848

    Starship please give more lines to my baby hyungwon

  • sheri mohamed
    sheri mohamed 5 months ago+200

    ARMYS, listen.
    Drake made a song titled "Fake Love" way before BTS became famous.
    Please, stop commenting how you thought it was a BTS cover and that you're disappointed it isn't.
    Instead, appreciate their voices. Us MONBEBES don't like those sort of comments because it seems like you guys are pushing Monsta X to the side.
    Hyungwon and Changkyun (I.M) did such an amazing job with covering this song, please recognize that and not how it's not a BTS cover.
    If you want to hear more beautiful vocals from literally everyone in the group, watch their cover on
    "Versace On The Floor" by Bruno Mars.
    You also might want to check out Kihyun singing Lost In The Dream ( a song by Monsta X) on Weekly Idol.
    Appreciate Hyungwon and Changkyun for this cover and just appreciate all the boys in Monsta X. The deserve so much love and recognition
    "MONBEBE that's my lover's first name"
    And uhm?? Anyone else just love the sound of Hyungwon's voice? Seriously, it melts my heart.
    And Changkyun's voice. His voice is my all time favorite. It's so low yet soothing.
    They aren't even the main vocalist in the group. Imagine hearing Kihyun ( main vocal ) sing.
    If you thought this was beautiful, mind blowing, amazing, the best thing you've ever heard in your life,
    wait until you here Kihyun. His voice is so angelic that sometimes I question myself on who has the better voice, Yoo Kihyun or Michael Jackson.
    It's Yoo Kihyun by the way.
    oh and for STARSHIP, if you're reading this
    * cough cough kihyun is a little sensitive shit cough cough *
    Y'all, once you become a MONBEBE, you never leave. You'll forever be a MONBEBE
    Trust me, I know. I've been in love with them since No Mercy.
    We, MONBEBES, have 1 rule. DO NOT cause drama between fandoms.
    I mean, there's also things like
    Keeping our boys safe from harm
    Making sure our boys are healthy
    Making are our boys are treated with the most upright respect
    Make sure our boys are truly happy. And not just happy to be where they are now.
    We want them to be happy with themselves and how their life has turned out.
    We need to protect our boys at all cost.

  • Mikaela
    Mikaela 9 months ago+584

    Changkyun cursing is so attractive idk why

  • MI-ne chan
    MI-ne chan 8 months ago+600

    Im an ARMY..more like multi fandom stan. You aren't entitled to comment on a video. Listen, FAKE LOVE isn't the two-words designed by BTS. They are ENGLISH WORDS. Literally ANYONE can use them. You thinking is one thing, you commenting is another different thing. If you THOUGHT ...then don't comment. If you COMMENT then don't think. If you can't appreiciate artists...leave. Like I said, you are not entitled to comment on a video. After listening to the song.. you could have just left it. Instead of saying "OMG I THOUGHT IT WAS BTS" When literally after listening to the song...you know it isn't. I don't stan MONSTA X but I love the dorks. Qualified memes and totally relatable. Keep it up MONSTA X!! And stop trashing smaller fandoms ARMYs. They maybe small but they definitely have a shit ton of talents. Besides, FAKE LOVE by Drake was created LONG AGO before BTS.

  • Tsunami765
    Tsunami765 9 months ago+2256

    Hyungwon is so under appreciated as a vocalist

  • Vanesha
    Vanesha 8 months ago+464

    birthday wish this year :
    1. all people around me stay healthy
    2. world peace
    3. hyungwon get more lines next comeback, instead of just whispering or 2-3 sec solo dance break

  • Eńtice
    Eńtice 9 months ago+639


  • MXMB
    MXMB 9 months ago+809

    "Monbebe that's my lover's name" ASGSJFLFXNDLL Changkyun pls stop 😭❤

  • Amani Tucker
    Amani Tucker 9 months ago+480

    I'm so used to Hyungwon's voice just kind of melting in with the beat and mixing in with everyone else's that this legitimately surprised me. I think Hyungwon is so underrated as a vocalist that it hurts me a little bit. He's so amazing and has infinite amounts of potential, but he's never been given the opportunity to reach that full potential. Stop sleeping on Chae Hyungwon.
    Changkyun is so extremely young, but he's so amazingly talented at most things he does (I would say everything but I don't know that). He has a way of making sure his voice matches the mood of the song and that's a really rare thing that not all artists can do, let alone master. I love how instead of following Drake's lyrics, he made his own and made sure to mention Monbebes in them. Don't ever sleep on Lim Changkyun.
    I hope everyone reading this has a good day. If not, I hope it gets better.

  • Hai Hai
    Hai Hai 8 months ago+312

    Ok guys, Let me give out a clear announcement. Not everything is about BTS. Now I know before I put this out some people are going to say " Well ARMYs can't help it if BTS comes to their mind" or "Its not even a big problem". So Im about to type a whole lot about why MONBEBES are upset about this. If you comment I thought this was BTS Fake Love cover and then compliment Monsta X, then I pretty sure they are okay with it but if you comment that you thought it was a BTS Cover and then just put that then that would trigger us. Although it wasn't your favorite group or one of the groups your like, you should at least compliment them but just putting that you thought it was a BTS song and then you leave the comment like that then Yes we will get pissed off.
    But it also makes MONBEBE's mad because it always happen. Not to just MX, BUT TO EVERYTHING. Since BTS is sooo freaking big now, they have toxic and annoying new fans coming in and they brag and brag about how BTS is better than everyone and they can actually sing and they can actually rap and they know how to actually make songs and stuff or they are the best KPOP group in the whole world. But you know that this is not true.
    Even when BTS has nothing to do with a video, there is always that one person that says "ANY ARMYS HERE". And then those comments usually gets the most likes. For example, literally today I was on a dance video and they were dancing to a song by NCT 127 and it was called Cherry Bomb. It had nothing to do with BTS at all. Like for real. (*HINT HINT NCT IS MT FAVORITE GROUP*) But when I scroll down to the comments, the first comment is " ANY ARMYS HERE" and comments like " BTS SONGS ARE SO MUCH BETTER AND THEY HAVE BETTER MOVES AND VOCALS.". Ya'll I swear I was about to throw some hands because this made me so pissed off and comments replying to those were either "YASS BTS ARE KINGS. NCT 127 CANT SING DANCE RAP LIKE BTS. BTS IS THE BESTTTT" and "YASSS ARMY" or "get the fuck out of this video if all your gonna do is insult NCT." and " This is why I left the fandom" and "NOBODY CARES, THIS IS A NCT VIDEO NOT A DAMN BTS VIDEO. GO WATCH YOUR KINGS AND LEAVE NCT ALONE".
    I'm telling you ARMY's, us smaller groups are more quiet and more aggressive than you think. Stop starting fawners in every comment section. Just stop please. In my opinion, ARMY is the worst fandom and I'm sorry to the nice and sweet fans, you guys are actually good but ARMY is just a bad fandom with some good people. Ya'll might be thinking, "Oh well EXO-Ls is actually worse" No they are not because EXO-Ls or any other fandoms don't curse out their own fandom like most rude and toxic ARMY's do. I rest my case. ARMY watch out and I'm talking about the toxic rude ones. The ones that are nice, I might give them a cupcake. 🧁

  • Kaya
    Kaya 8 months ago+168

    you might have thought it was bts, but that doesn't mean you are forced to comment "OMFG I THOUGHT IT WAS BTS LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ARMY WHERE U AT :))))"
    you can just enjoy the cover or click away : ) ....
    (seriously this cover is amazing tho I'm sobbingggg <3)

  • K
    K 8 months ago+192

    damn hyungwon owns my whole heart

  • Sarah Schneider
    Sarah Schneider 8 months ago+73

    Guys as a monbebe I have a few things to say.
    First of all, you know of our unspoken rule, right monbebe? Never start or take part in a fight! We have a reputation for being a peaceful fandom and our boys expected us to be one. So lets continue! We are doing a great job from the beginning till the very end.
    Second of all, the title does confuse some fans of BTS as there isnt written DRAKE in the title, I understand. But we would be thankful if you could maybe just like a comment about another army mentioning they thought it was a cover of a bts song? That'll reduce the amount of comments and it could make more place to see monbebes enjoying the song and appreciating the wonderful work of two of the more underrated members of monstax :)
    Third of all, BTS and Monstax are friends and we don't want this beautiful friendship to shatter because of unnecessary fighting.
    Lets support each other!

  • dyomochie ff
    dyomochie ff 9 months ago+6093

    just-- stop commenting bout how you thought this was bts cover. instead, appreciate their angelic voices. im (mybe other mbbs too) kinda uncomfortable with that kind of comments.

    KIHYUN OWNS MY ASS 9 months ago+161

    Ladies and gentlemen you're listening to the 2nd best dancer in MONSTA X and a rapper, yeah now imagine how good the main vocals in MONSTA X are.