Not signing Kevin Durant would be a complete failure for the Knicks - Max Kellerman | First Take

  • Published on:  2/11/2019
  • Max Kellerman of First Take takes a shot at New York Knicks owner James Dolan, suggesting that if the New York Knicks do not sign Kevin Durant this offseason, it is a complete failure by the franchise and the owner.✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube:✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube:✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube:✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: on Social Media:► Follow on Twitter:► Like on Facebook:► Follow on Instagram: ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on


  • Rondo ThaGodd
    Rondo ThaGodd 6 months ago+1243

    Max feels the power flowing through him when Steven A not around lmfaooooo

  • AndyB
    AndyB 6 months ago+289

    "They hit the mega millions, then took the whole jack pot and bought lottery tickets!"
    Max is a genius.

  • You Call That a Knife?
    You Call That a Knife? 6 months ago+419

    "They hit the Mega Millions, and then took the whole jackpot and bought LOTTERY TICKETS!!" :D

  • Daniel Cho
    Daniel Cho 6 months ago+375

    Max is 100% correct. Not sure what Will and Molly don't understand. The Knicks should've never been in a situation where they had to even consider trading Kristaps.

  • Brendan Heenan
    Brendan Heenan 6 months ago+33

    That lottery analogy was a good one max, nice.

  • Manny Manhattan Music
    Manny Manhattan Music 6 months ago+1155

    Knicks 2 max contacts are going to be Dragic a Middleton 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Nigga from Diary of a Mad Black Woman

    Molly stop screaming!!!

  • MarshallPo
    MarshallPo 6 months ago+53

    Max is right, you have to sign KD or this is a complete failure. Not only that, you traded Porzingis to clear up space for TWO max free agents, you have to get TWO all star guys, not just KD

  • Dj Axford
    Dj Axford 6 months ago+24

    Lol Max is channeling his inner Stephen A

  • Charles Brown
    Charles Brown 6 months ago+45

    You think there is a player dumb enough to leave the Warriors for a team thats currently ranked 30th in the NBA?

  • Dizkover
    Dizkover 6 months ago+901

    Max is right... Knicks already won the lottery with KP and decided to sell him in exchange for lottery tickets. DUMB.

  • sinclair1420
    sinclair1420 6 months ago+17

    Knicks havent been the same since Patrick ewing left !! Foook the knicks !! 😂

  • MollyQerimNeeds ToSTFU
    MollyQerimNeeds ToSTFU 6 months ago+13

    lmfao molly is taller when she sitting on da chair den when she standing

  • Veck
    Veck 6 months ago+9

    The Knicks biggest front office success in recent years was being the top offer my player in 2K19.

  • Rykann
    Rykann 6 months ago+3

    love hearing max ranting about how shit dolan has made the knicks 😂😂😂

  • dawitmenelik
    dawitmenelik 6 months ago+46

    Word of advice Molly.. please Google the words, "play ur position & ull go far in life".

  • gemini2633
    gemini2633 6 months ago+27

    Gotta say...and I usually dont...MAX IS RIGHT🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Mr Smarty Pants
    Mr Smarty Pants 6 months ago+2

    Max is saying you can't shoot someone, then take credit for saving their life 😂
    Knicks want credit for a situation they f*cked up to begin with..

  • Kabi DB
    Kabi DB 6 months ago+4


  • Nkky Tyler
    Nkky Tyler 6 months ago+1144

    Molly please exercise your right to remain silent.