Eating a Venomous Shark!!! EPIC Catch & Cook (Live Bait)

  • Published on:  8/19/2019
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    FAQ Answers:
    - Nothing in this video is illegal or "inhumane".
    - The shark was humanely dispatched right after catching it.
    - This is a perfectly legal to harvest, and very abundant species in our area. The State allows 15 Spiny Dogfish to be harvested per angler per day. I only harvest 1-2 per year.
    - This is no different than any other type of fishing and eating the catch.
    - I did not eat the baby sharks. Watch the whole video before commenting.
    - The young are fully developed and the attached egg sack serves as a snack bag while the juvenile sharks learn how to hunt!

    Video Description:
    Does eating a poisonous shark sound like a good idea? Find out after I show you how to catch sharks in the Puget Sound with live bait, the shark gives birth to live young, and I release six new born baby sharks! No Shark Eggs hatching! Shark fishing & eating a poisonous fish at it's finest.... Subscribe for more Puget Sound Fishing!

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