10 Biggest Ships On Earth



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  • aaron g
    aaron g 20 hours ago

    Tons of mistakes in this video.

  • Zeeshan Khan
    Zeeshan Khan 3 days ago

    Plzzz come 2 india then mp then bhopal then berasia big treee here

  • Flora Kist
    Flora Kist 3 days ago


  • sonam gyatso
    sonam gyatso 4 days ago

    Awesome sound and your pronounce

  • Crazy Bros Cael
    Crazy Bros Cael 5 days ago

    Wrong knock nevious is the biggest it’s gone but it still holds the record

  • Crazy Bros Cael
    Crazy Bros Cael 5 days ago

    Reuploading I see

  • Matess 36
    Matess 36 5 days ago

    "and even other cargo ships"
    *shows a Destroyer*

  • Max Tommy Mitschke
    Max Tommy Mitschke 5 days ago

    The earth is crying while watching this video

  • steve polychronopolis

    you should standardize your units of measurement. or give conversions for horsepower and kilowatts. as well as feet and meters etc...

  • Vanessa Leão
    Vanessa Leão 7 days ago

    where are Freedom Ship???

  • Gloria Sibanda
    Gloria Sibanda 8 days ago


  • jilo kizito
    jilo kizito 10 days ago

    How big was the titanic compared to these?

  • Abbii MSP
    Abbii MSP 10 days ago+1

    *TO CLEAR THINGS UP* I’ve seen to many “you forgot the titanic!” comments. The titanic is smaller then your average cruise ship. It WAS the biggest OF ITS TIME (1912) Its been 106 years since its time.

  • Mursheed Rashid
    Mursheed Rashid 11 days ago

    Blue marlin is red ..🤪

  • Taunter Atwill
    Taunter Atwill 11 days ago

    With that annoying/fake robot-chick voice and poor grammar, you ask for money? :
    Taunter Atwill
    You're right this 55 year old asshole does it also with his universe video's!

  • xpgamer king
    xpgamer king 11 days ago

    U forgot seawisegiant

  • The United Kingdom
    The United Kingdom 13 days ago

    HMS Hood. Greatest Battleship bitch.

  • Music Lovers
    Music Lovers 14 days ago

    But where is Queen marry2

  • SoyBean emu
    SoyBean emu 14 days ago

    U did oasis of the seas but u forgot any so smyophy of the seas