Blizzard Explains the Entire History of World of Warcraft | WIRED



  • Paul Sherrard
    Paul Sherrard a years ago+1590

    Did I just watch a 50 minute long infomercial for a WoW expansion?? Yes I did.

  • Jon Irenicus
    Jon Irenicus a years ago+520

    "World of Warcraft is a game designed to play with your friends." Jokes on you, I don't have any friends.

  • gskema
    gskema a years ago+593

    I thought this was entire lore explained :(

  • Garlicjr Made
    Garlicjr Made a years ago+264

    history of wow by bullet point,
    <>Leeroy Jenkins Video
    <>South Park episode
    <>lich king
    <>the end

  • aknopf
    aknopf a years ago+255

    I thought they meant the lore of the game. Whoops!

  • Xyanyde
    Xyanyde a years ago+110

    31:01 - "Illidan..." That isn't Illidan, lol
    31:02 - "Kil'jaeden" That is Jaraxxus!

  • override83
    override83 a years ago+12

    For me, personally, Wrath of the Lich King was the height of my experience and love for WoW. I loved it, because as a punk kid who played Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness when I was 12 years old, and been playing Warcraft games since, it felt like it brought a closing to part of my experience after killing Arthas, one of my favorite hero's in the Warcraft universe. Plus, it brought us to Northrend, and fought against so many cool undead enemies, and the DK was so much fun on release.
    However, after watching this, and hearing some of the details that go into each expansion, I have a newfound respect for each expansion, whether I liked them or not, for the effort Blizz put into each one.
    For this long time Warcraft player, since 1995, I'm pretty excited for Battle for Azeroth, the first expansion I've been excited for in a few years. The intro cinematic did its job on hyping me up, especially with the last shot of the Orc and Footman squaring up, with very similar poses to Warcraft 3 I believe.
    Anyways, i have way too much nostalgia and memories to list since Vanilla, and it was pretty cool to see and hear the way WoW evolved chronologically.

  • Itherius
    Itherius a years ago+133

    "We have tanks" -> shows Retri paladin

  • Justin Torres
    Justin Torres a years ago+50

    So many internet warriors bashing on this game. There were many changes yes but you gotta adapt to survive which is what WoW is doing. I for one have enjoyed every expansion in different ways, some more than others.

  • Logan Magus
    Logan Magus a years ago+89

    The best expansions were BC and Wrath. Back when the game still had a sense of community! Blizzard traded community for convenience and the game has suffered ever since.

  • player52
    player52 a years ago+18

    i remember playing WoW back in 2005 as a 15 year old with a 10 day trial and expecting to hate it. I was totally wrong i fell in love within 3 days of playing the game. i stopped in 2011 after Cata but came back for BFA. very few people know the feeling of clearing naxx on vanilla or being in the ventrilo when your guild downed illidan for the first time.

  • wraithryder
    wraithryder a years ago+9

    huh, forgot to mention the biggest change to Class Building in MoP - the Talent System overhaul....i prefer the old school skill tree and dont like the new loadout system (feels less RPG and more battle royal) but that was 1 of the biggest changes IMHO

  • The Geekazoid
    The Geekazoid a years ago+7

    after wrath of litch king my epic quest came to an end... I was done... I loved this game but after Litch King the magic was gone...

  • Spanky The Pubstar
    Spanky The Pubstar 10 months ago+16

    ah now i can put a face to the people who are ruining my game

  • Zero B.G.
    Zero B.G. a years ago+7

    Talking about Arthas:
    "Probably the greatest most notorious villain ever introduced in Warcraft"
    Thats all i have to say.

  • Kayze
    Kayze 11 months ago+11

    I never in my life heard someone say that "Mist of Pandaria" was there favorite expansion in the WoW Series....

  • Ranje
    Ranje 10 months ago+3

    I love how he speaks about the LFG system as if it was a good idea. this is basically what killed wow.. (this and LFR too of course).

  • RepsUp100
    RepsUp100 a years ago+1570

    That's a lot of history for a game

  • Josh W
    Josh W a years ago+8

    41:40 "theres a reason why swords like excalibur forge such might legends" Yeah because there's only 1 of them.

  • uake
    uake 11 months ago+20

    Where is Mr.T and his night elf mohawk??