Apple Launch Recap: iPhone XS, XS Max, XR - Everything You Need to Know | WIRED



  • Greg Fletcher
    Greg Fletcher 11 months ago+226

    People: "we want more battery", Apple: "We got you! 30 minutes more!" People: "Thanks....I guess?"

  • Daniel Rieger
    Daniel Rieger 11 months ago+408

    They're still going with the "best iPhone to date"? It better be, Obviously the new model is going to be better than the last one, they've saying that for the last 10 years

  • ShanaenaeBeech69
    ShanaenaeBeech69 11 months ago+251

    They literally clapped when he said the $1099 price.

  • Donald Sanders
    Donald Sanders 11 months ago+230

    Makes 3 different versions of the IPhone X but never makes 1 iPhone 9

  • Nonte
    Nonte 11 months ago+296

    Why people are clapping while these ridiculous prices are announced is beyond me... There used to be a time when Apple stood for innovation at a good value, now Apple has transformed into this luxury brand pushing wallets instead of envelopes. The iPhone Xs Max tops out on 2048 dollars for the 512 GB version here in Sweden, that is just insane. No thank you Tim, I don't want your rotten Apple.

  • supercas240
    supercas240 11 months ago+228

    They really took crazy expensive to the next level

  • Mario
    Mario 11 months ago+601

    RIP Steve Jobs. Apples innovation died with you.

  • polynesianaustralian
    polynesianaustralian 11 months ago+113

    This is by far the most manipulative technology trap since forever.

  • denimso
    denimso 11 months ago+141

    A new phone every year is too much.
    They need to slow down

  • Amarveer Singh
    Amarveer Singh 11 months ago+46

    Why people clapping when he share the rediculous price

  • JoshGosh
    JoshGosh 11 months ago+160

    What people that don’t have iPhones say: I don't see a difference between this and the last model.
    What people that do have iPhones say: I don't see a difference between this and the last model.
    What people with every single generation of iPhone say: I don't see a difference between this and the last model.

  • Lea D
    Lea D 11 months ago+46

    ...I didn't even get to buy Iphone 7 yet...

  • Shaunak De
    Shaunak De 11 months ago+79

    Smart HDR is a breakthough? I thought pixel did the exact same thing ages ago. And samsung and other brands already have the variable depth of field.

  • Chancellor Palpatine
    Chancellor Palpatine 11 months ago+73

    Once more the Sith will rule the Galaxy! And we shall have peace...... Oops wrong video.

  • JuanD817
    JuanD817 11 months ago+53

    Still waiting for the Iphone XR SE MAX Plus Apple Edition & Knuckles

  • Noel Modesto
    Noel Modesto 11 months ago+155

    Well that settles it. I'm going to wait until I can no longer use my iPhone 7 and then will be switching to Android

  • Mayank Parmar
    Mayank Parmar 11 months ago+14

    Duh 😑😑 it takes years of practice for doctors to read ECG properly... Idk what normal consumer is supposed to do with that graph.

  • Nurkan ÇINAR
    Nurkan ÇINAR 11 months ago+572

    Money Trap

  • 11 months ago+11

    He explain what is the Dual Sim Dual Standby Technology.... Oh wait a sec.... I have this feature in $7 phone I bought 3 years ago. @ 5:00

  • Evan Jay
    Evan Jay 11 months ago+33

    When you have iPhone 5 SE and you see everyone has an iPhone X and an apple watch at school