How the developers made Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 | This Week In Marvel

  • Published on:  9/7/2018
  • This Week In Marvel host Ryan Penagos, a.k.a. Agent M, flashes back to E3 2018 where he sat down with Insomniac Games’ James Stevenson, and Marvel Games’ Eric Monacelli to discuss how they helped lead the development of Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4!

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  • Andy Martinez
    Andy Martinez 3 months ago

    El vídeo juego de Spiderman es fantástico pero también tiene que crear uno de ant man también puede ser uno de los mejores juegos de superhéroes y muy bien aceptado 😁👍

  • Nuvo
    Nuvo 3 months ago

    What if you don't have a Ps4? (I don't have one) How do you play it lmao I wanna play it so bad, and watching the gameplay videos about it are boring because I wanna actually play the game.

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M 3 months ago

    Amazing game sp far

  • Advait S Kumar
    Advait S Kumar 3 months ago+2

    Hear me out on this one, what if this game is canon in the MCU....... just in the future( post A4 and Far From Home)
    i mean, peter's been Spider-Man for 8 years now and has gone through several new suits, many of which coud be made by Tony himself.
    Plus, there's evidence that many places in the MCU also exist here(for eg. Nelson and Murdock's, sanctum Sanctorum etc.) and the peter here looks like he could've been Tom Holland in the past. This could also explain why Mary Jane 's suddenly there, Aunt May is older now and other new stuff has happened. Also, there isn't much info on Tony Stark's whereabouts, proving that something happens to him in A4.

  • T0K3N SM0K3
    T0K3N SM0K3 3 months ago

    really surprised sony didnt pick suckerpunch (inFamous franchise developer) to do this but ive played it and damn its good. insomniac did a great job!

  • That Guy
    That Guy 3 months ago

    Finally a reason to turn on my PS4 again, thank you so much!

  • taran khela
    taran khela 3 months ago

    They have not talked about the main topic of how they developed it.

  • Albaid Qureshi
    Albaid Qureshi 3 months ago

    Will this game come for pc 🙏🙏🙏

  • Jayden Marvel
    Jayden Marvel 3 months ago

    Captain Marvel trailer where?

    ABDUL ASHRAF 3 months ago

    Please this game available in play store I want to play this game

  • Fahad Nasir
    Fahad Nasir 3 months ago

    How I download the game please suggest me

  • Pahul Singh
    Pahul Singh 3 months ago+1

    This game is freakin amazing!! The team behind this game is are legend and I love this game sooooooo much!!!!!

  • Fin Harrison
    Fin Harrison 3 months ago

    I think this is my favourite game

  • Michael Jay P1
    Michael Jay P1 3 months ago

    Didn’t get my preorder bonus

  • Sn653ake PS4
    Sn653ake PS4 3 months ago+1

    Wow, everyone is thanking Marvel and Sony, yeah that's cool; but you guys are forgetting to thank the actual developers. THANK YOU INSOMNIAC FOR MAKING THIS MASTERPIECE

    DR.J REVIEWS 3 months ago


  • chemaxino 999
    chemaxino 999 3 months ago

    The best superhero games are the arkhan games

  • xxx ten eye
    xxx ten eye 3 months ago

    I need to get a PS4

  • Christian Schoff
    Christian Schoff 3 months ago

    This game is so damn smooth!

  • Devil of Hell's Kitchen

    Spiderman sucks bitch. Give Daredevil his own video game