10 Rejected Shark Tank Gadgets You Never Knew About..



  • Lordy 146
    Lordy 146 3 months ago+356

    This is the percent u like to meet guava juice


  • Elise Seymour
    Elise Seymour 2 days ago

    nu the final straw is a metal straw, its not fancy, its for the people that don't get there facts straight, aka, Visco Girls

  • Luumber 21
    Luumber 21 7 days ago+8

    11:04 imagine you seeing a dog panda running at you at 3 am

    DIFFERENT 3 months ago+85

    Ooh i got a like, but why is it blue?

  • Max Hudson
    Max Hudson 3 months ago+392

    This is how many people watching it in the first hour

  • Hinda Othman
    Hinda Othman 4 days ago+1

    Guava juice I thought your dog was walking with the panda suit with two legs 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Viyan Günaydin
    Viyan Günaydin 7 days ago+6

    This is litreally my first time seeing roi wearing fancy clothes😂

  • tina vang
    tina vang 1 months ago+1

    I my name is susan i love you lot 😘😘💓💗💋💞💖💕💛💙💜💚❤😆😋

  • Suzette Rookwood
    Suzette Rookwood yesterday

    who else misses wassabi productions

  • Jonas Dizon
    Jonas Dizon 3 months ago+207

    Am I the only one?!😭😭
    Who feels happy after watching guava juice's random vids?!
    Feel the same???
    ⬇️Make this blue🤗

  • reacting and gaming day
    reacting and gaming day 3 months ago+1

    You almost look like Tim from detective Pikachu

  • Debra Downing
    Debra Downing 6 days ago+2

    I saw that I watch camper and are you ok bro is so funny hahahhahahah

  • løvępøţatø_ mųąh

    The metal straw i have one

  • Tammy Landry
    Tammy Landry 7 days ago+3

    I would love it so hard what the heck hahaha!!!!!!

  • azryb gaming
    azryb gaming 3 months ago+29

    I finally got a like!!
    Wait, but why is it blue?

  • Sean Arzberger
    Sean Arzberger 21 days ago+5

    And what do you mean by no water I very confused

  • Gxcha Jessixe Editxzz
    Gxcha Jessixe Editxzz 3 months ago+1

    How many times heave guava juice has said “Alright”?
    I counted 16 but I did not get thru the whole video

  • Gaming_ Gacha
    Gaming_ Gacha 3 months ago+1

    Make a video about "24 HOURS ONLY SPEAKING FILIPINO LANGUAGE" please

  • Karter CAMMOCK
    Karter CAMMOCK 3 months ago+3

    What happened with the words when editing click that if you agree

  • Princess Cutie Paula
    Princess Cutie Paula 3 months ago+70

    0:02 aww oogie with that costume is soo cute like if u agree!