Ethan's Corner - Facebook

  • Published on:  4/4/2018
  • The truth is revealed about Facebook and Mark ZuckerbergColor Block & HIP Sweater back in stock at http://teddyfresh.comCo-Written by Zach Hadel: us on Twitch! Podcast is available at:TWITCH ►► ► PLAY MUSIC ►►'s Twitter............►►http://h3h3productions.spreadshirt.comInstagram................►'s Instragram.....►►http://h3h3productions.comSubreddit.................► Song by MajorLeagueWobs: from the end by EchoRobot:


  • Joaquin Vega
    Joaquin Vega a years ago+871

    so, Hila left you unsupervised again

  • Marc Alcatraz
    Marc Alcatraz a years ago+831

    i didn't believe it but then the doctor in front of the green screen started talking and now i'm deathly afraid of being poked

  • Jordan Mills
    Jordan Mills a years ago+729

    This is the quality content I subbed for

  • rapsketball •
    rapsketball • a years ago+443

    Idk what you guys are talking about. I laughed all the way through. This was amazing.

  • Yahiaoui Senouci
    Yahiaoui Senouci a years ago+115

    that actually scared me hahah
    im eating

  • Ya Boi Shawn
    Ya Boi Shawn a years ago+2875

    I’m a delivery driver for papa John’s and some guy ordered pizza from us and the delivery remarks said papa bless so I hooked him up with some extra garlic sauce cups

  • Chris Wave
    Chris Wave a years ago+48

    This was hilarious. People were mad about this?

  • Roman
    Roman a years ago+56

    Not sharing the video... Lowkey I want to see diaper ethan at my house

  • Matthew
    Matthew a years ago+39

    Lol this video seems to be a love it or hate it one based on the comments. I sure enjoyed it.

  • Badges of Shame
    Badges of Shame a years ago+71

    Sans font. Triple Aides

  • EpicZEVEN
    EpicZEVEN a years ago+1388

    The tip of the zuccBERG

  • Ghebrehiwet
    Ghebrehiwet a years ago+510

    Jim: MICHAEL!!!
    Dwight: oh thats funny...MICHAEL!!!
    (theme song starts playing)

  • Baxter Not Parker
    Baxter Not Parker a years ago+35

    Dude, Our Founding Liars already runs the mask conspiracy game on YouTube

  • Gray
    Gray a years ago+7

    WAKE UP SHEEPLE❗❗❗❗ Diaper-Ethan warned YOU❗❗❗❗

  • Our Founding Liars
    Our Founding Liars a years ago+18

    Keep asking questions

  • James Baxter
    James Baxter a years ago+1460

    But.....what if I WANT diaper Ethan to visit me.......

  • Der Boi
    Der Boi  a years ago+5

    Where can I buy that mask?!? Put it in ur merch shop!

  • Live Wire
    Live Wire a years ago+10

    H3. Look up Our Founding Liars. Mask guy. But his theories are ludicrous and funny. Seems similar. Only 1k subs I think

  • 00100000
    00100000 a years ago+5

    2:20 Hila quitely chuckles as Ethan unleashes a hell demon scream.

  • NWforager
    NWforager a years ago+7

    I want Diaper Hila too tho . Can I have that ?