I tried iPhone XS for 3 weeks! 😢 (Lifelong Android User)

  • Published on:  11/14/2018
  • I'm a lifelong Android guy, and I just switched to #iPhoneXS (daily driver) for 3 weeks.. it was fun and interesting! iPhone and iOS have some nice features, but too many things that force me to switch BACK to Android. Here's my Pro's and Con's List of iPhone and iOS.

    Which side are you on, #iPhone or #Android?! (My Instagram @schmanke poll was split down the middle, very surprisingly.)

    Have you ever switched from one side to the other? Tell me your experiences down in the comments!

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  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke  1 months ago+607

    Wow, some heated comments around here..! 🤭😂
    *Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes! https://instagram.com/schmanke

  • Nom
    Nom 16 minutes ago

    Hm, no screen recording on Android? How have I been using it all these years? xD Ensure all of your notification icons are enabled.

  • First Name
    First Name an hour ago

    Didn't samsung make the screen for the iphone?

  • Lo kEy
    Lo kEy an hour ago

    Man I used android up until the iPhone 5s came out... I literally kept that same phone till last year Lolol... I switched to the lg v35 I believe and loved it didn’t really like the v40 as much but sad to say I switched back to the iPhone XS a few weeks later. I like Android I just like the hardware so much more with iPhone plus I like the connectivity of iOS I never have issues for me it’s perfect. I use google Chromecast and google maps I even have google plus google photos and and google drive.. yes android have a lot of freedom but to me the ease of use and sleek design of the phone is much more important plus it has some weight to it which I like

  • Dillon McDonough
    Dillon McDonough an hour ago

    I will nvr use an apple product bc they are known to slow down there older phones and make the software outdated instead of trying to update the older products. To me that's a money grabbing tactic and just seems super shady. I've had certain android phones that are usable for up to 4 to 5 years w/ it slowing down or not being as good of a phone around thoughts years while apple (which my sis personally prefers) is outdated and slowed down dramatically after 2 or 3 years if a little less. To me apple is just trying to get as much money as possible out of its customers but that's my opinion. Anyways I will always choose android over apple

  • Ethan Steele
    Ethan Steele 2 hours ago

    I have a oneplus 5t and I can tell you it's the best phone ever

  • Silvan Adair
    Silvan Adair 4 hours ago

    If you have green bubbles I won’t talk to you, I don’t speak broke...

  • Alex Surles
    Alex Surles 6 hours ago

    Steve Jobs died. That's what happened to Apple. I said it years ago, when he died, Apple would only care about profit margins. That's what happened. No more innovation, just slightly improve on the previous years tech. Sad really

  • Neri Matrixx
    Neri Matrixx 8 hours ago


  • Darion Jaikaran
    Darion Jaikaran 9 hours ago

    Blind user...
    Voice Over, the screen reader that's built in to all apple products.
    Android has a built in screen reader called Talkback, but it's nowhere near to the functionality Voice Over from apple gives its users.
    One point for Android goes to files and ringtones. The ability to download files to my device and transfer it to a computer through the file manager on my desktop OS is a winner that iOS has to sort out.If I could set my rengtone without the use of iTunes or another app iOS would literally be the perfect operating system.

  • Marisela Palomino
    Marisela Palomino 9 hours ago

    I DONT RECOMMEND MOTOROLA TO ANYONE! I have the Moto g6 play and I hate it can't wait till we upgrade so I can get either the note 9 or the iPhone

  • WeavePap
    WeavePap 10 hours ago

    See here's the thing, I don't use the Android customization that often. I used it when I had my S7, but I have the Pixel 2 XL, and aside from changing the background, I haven't changed anything. Android is great for customization, but I don't really use it enough, so it honestly doesn't bother me. The camera is amazing, but the iPhone is beginning to catch up, which makes it harder to recommend a phone that is 1 year and a half old. The display for the iPhone Xs is miles about what the Pixel 2 has to offer, and Android P's gestures aren't nearly as smooth as iOS's. I can't speak for the Pixel 3 or other Android devices, but for me personally, switching to iPhone isn't that bad, especially if you find yourself using that Apple ecosystem often.

  • N P
    N P 10 hours ago

    Samsung very sensitive screen but not as accurate as iphone for typing. Samsung youtube allows higher resolution and better colors make anything look better. Reading enlarges on iphone but not while browsing so letters look tiny. Flat screen and wider on iphone, allow better protection. Curved glass screen protectors finally getting it right. 2003 to 2006 iphone 2007 to 2018 used android. 2019 giving iphone xs max another chance.

  • Ondrej Chalupsky
    Ondrej Chalupsky 11 hours ago

    Finally someone with healthy opinion 👍👍 big up my friend 😀 subscribed & liked

  • Joshua Cazoe
    Joshua Cazoe 12 hours ago

    "Apple try something different, if you don't change you will only become a museum of the greatness that you once were, only to reach a level of imitation of what made us love you before....." -

  • Joshua Cazoe
    Joshua Cazoe 12 hours ago

    Ben looks like a longer version of Bradley Cooper...

  • Dank Donkey
    Dank Donkey 13 hours ago

    Quality sucks

  • Otto von Wolf
    Otto von Wolf 13 hours ago

    There’s no clear all button cause apple wants u to leave the apps open.. iOS opens and closes apps due to ur usage and that’s way more energy efficient than closing and opening apps all the time

  • Henke Dahlén
    Henke Dahlén 14 hours ago

    I've had android since 2009(I'm 15 years old) and just bought a OnePlus 6T 2 weaks ago, and I will never go to Apple because this phone is truly a beast!

  • mitachben
    mitachben 14 hours ago

    The problem that I see from every iOS reviewing , is that stupid comparison between iOS and Android..
    They're soooo different!
    Apple is well organized, on the other hand, Android is so messy!
    Look: on an iOS device you'd always know where things are, the settings for each app are in the main settings APP (ask Siri "settings" in a specific app and she will open the settings tab for you in the main settings APP.
    When you open an Android app, you never know what you will get, what theme, what way of implementation, ways of organization..
    Please review this comment.