The 3 most athletic alley-oops in NBA history | The Jump

  • Published on:  2/5/2019
  • Rachel Nichols, Tracy McGrady and Amin Elhassan of The Jump play "Make or Miss" in which they discuss if Eric Bledsoe shows signs of Stevie Francis with his crossovers, if Chris Paul is OK after showing a weird reaction to a non-call he received, if it's a bad idea to make fun of Giannis Antetokounmpo, if we're happy to see the Sacramento Kings good again and they run it back to the three most athletic alley-oops in NBA history including JR Smith, Vince Carter and Gerald Green.✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube:✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube:✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube:✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: on Social Media:► Follow on Twitter:► Like on Facebook:► Follow on Instagram: ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on


  • Sanjith Vijay
    Sanjith Vijay 6 months ago+2473

    That Green dunk will forever be iconic

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 6 months ago+1056

    Remember when DeMar DeRozan almost destroyed that Chinese player?

  • Iceman GG
    Iceman GG 6 months ago+950

    Gerald Green was an insane dunker now he just a catch and shoot player.

  • kill em with KINDNESS
    kill em with KINDNESS 6 months ago+424

    That gerald green dunk is a candidate for greatest play of all time.

  • Jimmi Stone
    Jimmi Stone 6 months ago+467

    Look at espn not mentioning my Sonics again like gp and the reign man never existed

  • Tha Mad PoetVEVO
    Tha Mad PoetVEVO 6 months ago+94

    Why the dude on the rockets bench stand up like he forgot he was on the opposing team 😂

  • Seshadhri Subramanian
    Seshadhri Subramanian 6 months ago+395

    Its a 180. Not a 360. Math took a big hit there.

  • noah mims
    noah mims 6 months ago+133

    She said "ohhh I’ll put it in there” 😂

  • SoloPerICommenti
    SoloPerICommenti 6 months ago+278

    What about Giannis last year jumping over the defender?

  • Cameron Bass
    Cameron Bass 6 months ago+77

    Rachel getting really excited on that last dunk

  • Flexinn
    Flexinn 6 months ago+177

    Am I the only one who doesn't get the Make or Miss segment?

  • TwelfthRoot2
    TwelfthRoot2 6 months ago+51

    JR also had that nasty one on the knicks when he went baseline and caught the ball below his waist and dunked it behind his head

  • Don Williamson
    Don Williamson 1 months ago+52

    Did LeBron catch one over lil Jon Lucas or we forgot that too and Jason terry??

  • Tyler Weaver
    Tyler Weaver 6 months ago +94

    Lmao the intro is literally all player that’s is gonna be trade by one player

  • Andy P. Daley
    Andy P. Daley 2 months ago+7

    Y'all picked the wrong JR one. Remember when he connected with shump at msg? Trash bros!

  • Brian Thongkhamthaeng
    Brian Thongkhamthaeng 1 months ago+4

    Wheres the one where DeAndre Jordan puts Brandon Knight in a casket..theres even a directors cut version of that alley oop dunk.

  • Danny Yang
    Danny Yang 1 months ago+8

    Moment when u know all the players in the intro are all traded away 🤭🤭

  • Stu Mando
    Stu Mando 1 months ago+5

    Really. There is no legit list without Gary Payton to Shawn Kemp.

  • vipernb47
    vipernb47 6 months ago+28

    Damn i forgot that gerald green dunk. That was filthy

  • Iceman
    Iceman 7 days ago+1

    Where’s Jamal Crawford’s between the legs alley to Blake Griffin’s windmill?