25 Strict Rules All Disney Stars Have To Follow

  • Published on:  8/22/2019
  • These Disney Channel Stars have to follow some crazy rules...
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    Disney is known for singing animals, wholesome morals, and kid-safe stories. And over the years, Disney has done an amazing job maintaining that reputation. Yet, Disney is also one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. That means that family-friendly image has become an important part of Disney’s corporate strategy. Disney also works with many young stars, like Bella Thorne, the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. Those stars are adored by millions of kids and the last thing Disney wants is for their actors to do anything that would ruin the company’s squeaky clean image with its most important demographic. As a result, Disney has a slew of rules its stars must follow in order to maintain their relationship with the company. After all, no matter how big a given performer gets, Disney will always be bigger. In this video, we’re reviewing 25 of the rules Disney stars must follow. From maintaining their looks, to keeping their song lyrics PG-rated to Disney choosing their clothes and even putting limits on the jobs they can accept, these rules reach into all parts of Disney stars’ lives. Being an actor for Disney looks glamorous and fun, but these rules may make you think twice.

    Keep Up Appearances
    Date Within Disney
    Female Main Characters Are a Must
    Social Media Posts May Need Permission
    Your Name Could Become Disney’s Property
    Classes On Avoiding Scandal Are Required
    Keep Song Lyrics PG
    Disney Chooses Your Clothes
    Disney Controls Your Career
    Competition is High
    Salaries are Non-Negotiable
    Don’t Get Photographed in Compromising Situations
    Keep Your Voice Youthful
    Don’t Smoke!
    Get Ready to Sing
    Play Dumb in Interviews
    Autograph Training
    Prepare for Long Hours
    No Facial Hair, Guys
    No Say On the Scripts
    Keep It Covered Up
    That Morality Clause
    Pay for Damaged Mouse Ears
    You Won’t Grow Up
    Don’t Be Yourself