• Published on:  6/11/2019
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  • LIFE OF RILEY 1 months ago

    Can you guys just FaceTime me every episode ? Thanks

  • Nissa 14 days ago

    Pls come back, i miss your vlog so much. You vlog is the kind of vlog i really like. Simple/chill vlog are the best.

  • Chris ToTheStars 1 months ago

    @LIFE OF RILEY definitely dude!! We all miss your vlogs

  • Maxi 1 months ago

    Do you have the tour of Rickards Spa still on your to do list? Would love to see it! :)

  • CHUPACABRA 1 months ago

    @Niclas Schmitt A house tour you say?

  • Niclas Schmitt 1 months ago

    A room tour of the house would be even better

  • Leon Ki 1 months ago

    the marbella chill type is my favorite type of vlogs! 🤙🏼

  • Ben Jerry 1 months ago

    I agree, I'm not that much into the travel Vlogs in Bali or wherever, as hundreds of others do those. I spend alot of time in Spain, on occassion Marbella and I like to see things or places I haven't found or visited. Gets me pumped for my next visit.

  • Matthias Cohen 1 months ago

    too much filters , it doesn t look like that for real

  • Youri D 1 months ago

    Jon olsson *cut the roof of his car **replaces it with a fabric one so he can take it off**doest'n take it off when it's sunny*

  • Toneer 1 months ago

    This G class is such a loud obnoxious piece of shit car thats not even a proper convertible. He should have gotten a Bentayga or Range Rover instead. Or just an Evoque convertible if he wants an suv convertible.

  • Youri D 1 months ago

    @Benjamin I personally like the car

  • rasmus9311 1 months ago

    "Tight is better" - Benjamin Ortega

  • Sander Van De Putte 1 months ago

    When will C'est Normal drop?

  • martijn Verhagen 1 months ago


  • Sevy 1 months ago

    So, what is the gym at home being used for actually? (Wasn't there a gym in the basement?)

  • @Sevy no, pretty sure Jon and Janni have a gym in the basement.

  • Sevy 1 months ago

    @Monoï that was the previous house

  • Ross Johnson 1 months ago

    On fire with the vlogs, content, family, improvements, edits. Nice one.

  • 13 1 months ago

    I want have your problems...Wich palm trees for 10 k we need?

  • Maddie 21 1 months ago

    Can we have a montage of all the times of Jon and Benni running back to get the camera after filming you driving off to somewhere? 😂 Lots of love from Germany ❤