Top 10 Mysterious Locked Doors That Can Never Be Opened

  • Published on:  3/7/2019
  • Top 10 Mysterious Locked Doors That Can Never Be OpenedSubscribe To Our New Channel "Beyond The Screen" More Beyond The Screen Vids 👇 the world, there are so many mysterious doors that are hidden in monuments, mountains and temples that no one has been able to open. Some of these doors are said to carry a curse while other doors just simply can’t be opened even with modern technology and tools. Does this peak your interest? #top10#locked#doorsChannel Producer: Landon Dowlatsingh- Amazing Top 10 Instagram- Amazing Top 10 Merch: By:Landon Dowlatsingh- Edited By:Ryan WazonekFor Business Inquiries Contact: mostamazingtop10@gmail.comSources:


  • Taikamuna
    Taikamuna 5 months ago+1311

    Number 1: My room

  • Berg
    Berg 4 months ago+389

    "doors people couldn't open"
    Me: Here hold my C4.

  • The Gamer Mig
    The Gamer Mig 4 months ago+227

    God: Area locked, please purchase the DLC

  • NightSyndicate
    NightSyndicate 4 months ago+309

    Curses are actually just ancient diseases that got locked away.

  • daniel savic
    daniel savic 4 months ago+106

    I told my mum that if she opens my door she’ll be cursed, It didn’t work :(

  • Gizzy girl genius
    Gizzy girl genius 5 months ago+666

    Try knocking.... Maybe the reason why the door(s) won't open is because whomever built them wants us to ask for permission first.... Ever thought of that????

  • Ghøst GG
    Ghøst GG 4 months ago+97

    Nobody can open this door
    Kim Jong un: "hold my nuclear modded coca cola"

  • MarkedBlue
    MarkedBlue 4 months ago+64

    Me: Hmm, “Don’t open, dead inside” Imma open it. Tries to blow up door
    Dies in the process
    Me: It appears I am now on the other side of the door, seems cool.

  • mary mullins
    mary mullins 2 months ago+59

    Person:Can't open doors
    Me: yeah right (knocks on door)
    Door: (opens)

  • Casey W
    Casey W 5 months ago+173

    Dude I bet some of these doors hide Dev boxes and we are just in a computer simulation 🤔

  • Trinity sparks
    Trinity sparks 5 months ago+206

    Him: "no one can open these doors"

  • DudeManBro Gwyn
    DudeManBro Gwyn 4 months ago+51

    I'm surprised no1 else noticed or at least puts in the comments about the Banff Springs Hotel room 873 but then he shows door of room 871 lol

  • Missionary of the Adepta Sororitas

    Them: "We can't open these doors!"
    Me: laughs in high explosives

  • I I
    I I 2 months ago+25

    “Don’t dead open inside?”
    Me: whatever that means
    opens door

  • Kenji Reh
    Kenji Reh 5 months ago+76

    Can’t open with modern technology? Lies.

  • Tommy Gagnon
    Tommy Gagnon 4 months ago+77

    Yeah, most of these doors would just open with a stick of dynamite or any modern tools. They just don't want to open them.

  • ThinkingHuman
    ThinkingHuman 4 months ago+12

    My mind kept saying: "Don't open it, a murderer may be behind,"
    But my body...: "Break it open!"

  • Chicagorilla
    Chicagorilla 5 months ago+74

    Everyone’s saying use explosive but if you blow it up wouldn’t that destroy the purpose because wouldn’t you want to see what’s on the other side🤦🏽‍♂️😬

  • Bradly O'Donnell
    Bradly O'Donnell 5 months ago+316

    Sounds like you need explosives. That's technology that can open anything

  • Kj Styles
    Kj Styles 5 months ago+91

    I only want to know what’s under Vatican City