Hang Till You Answer Right!! | Edgeland!

  • Published on:  1/11/2019
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    Hey guys! What do you think about our unique, giant, board game? What other lands should be included in the game? Let us know down below!

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  • tumblinbubble (Jan 12, 2019)

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  • Eliana The goat (2 days ago)

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  • ZHC (Jan 12, 2019)

    What did I just watch?😂

  • Austin B9 (3 days ago)

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  • Lori Allen (3 days ago)


  • Minki Chu (Jan 12, 2019)

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  • Midnight Black (4 days ago)


  • Freddy Krueger (5 days ago)

    Dare somebody 2 count this

  • Hayy bb (Jan 11, 2019)

    I left the dope or nope video for this

  • CupCake Kitty (Jan 19, 2019)


  • Hayy bb (Jan 12, 2019)

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  • Christian The Crafter (Jan 12, 2019)

    Please do not hit “Read More”You have bad luck for the rest of 2019. Like to undo.

  • yeremia frans (6 days ago)

    +Potato Tactics I didn't press read more

  • Vincent Ho (6 days ago)

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  • Hit it within 5 tries.... tries 5 times....

  • Willy's Toys (Jan 12, 2019)

    For the *1%* of random people scrolling thru the comments and see this...You will have an awesome 2019! Much love from a mini u tubr 👍

  • shiviplays (Feb 10, 2019)

    thank you

  • Artistic girl 101 (Jan 23, 2019)


  • Miss Izz15 (Jan 12, 2019)

    Is it just me or is it that Bobby has become the underdog of all edge land games? Winning by the slimmest chance.

  • Travis Ferguson (5 days ago)

    He straight up cheated on the last race lol he cut the inside of every turn and went inside the tape. Still entertaining but my man Bryan really won

  • Iwan Davies (Feb 9, 2019)

    Bobby should have had 5 seconds added to the time in the race it was one of his punishments

  • Jordan Cunningham (Jan 11, 2019)

    What happen to the 5 second penalty Bobby had

  • Rachel McFadden (Jan 17, 2019)

    That's what I was going to say

  • drew hawkins (Jan 14, 2019)

    It wasn't even really a timed race.