Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande - As Long as You Love Me (Live)

  • Published on:  10/22/2016
  • Ariana Grande e Justin Bieber - As Long as You Love Me (Live at Forum, Los Angeles 08/04/15)


  • Jean
    Jean 8 months ago+4102

    1:27 rejected
    4:10 rejected
    4:30 : mission accomplished

  • Katlee Grl
    Katlee Grl 4 months ago+1106

    3:54 can someone tell this man where to restroom is 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tram Nguyen
    Tram Nguyen 4 months ago+2341

    Justin has a crush on Ariana
    2019 anyone?
    OMG 1whole like!!!!

  • turntech Godheads
    turntech Godheads 3 months ago+886

    Ariana: "as long as you love me."
    Also Ariana: "Please dont touch me."

  • Yelicorn123xx X
    Yelicorn123xx X 4 months ago+876

    Dua Lipa: don’t pick up the phone
    Ariana Grande: I picking it up
    Adele: hello?
    Me: proud of myself for making such a stupid comment

  • Kisses -A
    Kisses -A 9 months ago+7246

    1:27 she pushed his hand 😂

  • Frankie Plancarte
    Frankie Plancarte 4 months ago+499

    Ariana didn't like justin and i think justin liked ari but justin has a girl now😉😋😏

  • Elona Sijarina
    Elona Sijarina 23 hours ago+1

    This is disrespectfull!How Justin Bieber can do this to Selena hugging Ariana Grande on the stage?I’m shocked what I see right now.OMG

  • Maria Abou Rjeily
    Maria Abou Rjeily 4 months ago+286

    justin look like he really wanna hug her but she's like ..... go back away 😂💜

  • Citlali Ortega
    Citlali Ortega 3 months ago+267

    OMG Justin at 4:10,who else thinks that Justin has a CRUSH on Ariana Grande who agrees with me (might of spell Ariana Grande name wrong)

    YAJYUAM VAJ 5 months ago+2686

    Ariana: 7 rings
    Justin: Sorry
    Ariana: Break up with your girlfriend
    Justin: What do you mean
    Ariana: Thank you next

  • Santiago nicolas Marquez
    Santiago nicolas Marquez 4 months ago+316

    Alguien habla español y lo ve en 2019?

  • Karim Sheikhmeri
    Karim Sheikhmeri 14 days ago+70

    Ariana:please dont touch me!

  • Yellow Kidd
    Yellow Kidd 1 months ago+84

    Justin:Hold me
    Ariana:Ew no😂

  • Lyssa A
    Lyssa A 4 months ago+266

    1:27 did anyone else noticed that Justin tried to touch her but she moved his hand back

  • Da gamer 11
    Da gamer 11 4 months ago+153

    This is how me you times he grabs you no what

  • Avion
    Avion 4 months ago+122

    God Ik this is like 4 yrs ago but damn they so cute 😓😂

  • Cookiedough Lover
    Cookiedough Lover 1 months ago+92

    Justin makes a move
    Hailey Bieber entered the chat

  • Kitkat C
    Kitkat C 1 months ago+102

    Justin out here lookin like a literal garbage bag flirting with a cat

  • WhyEpicRemoveStretched AddItBack!!

    Why did Justin touch his p@nis the whole time ?