MY PUPPY PICKS MY MAKEUP! Full Face of Surprises...

  • Published on:  1/13/2019
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  • Sylvia Gani
    Sylvia Gani  7 months ago+1863


  • Sothyna Sath
    Sothyna Sath 7 months ago+409

    Sylvia is gon be such a good mom 😭🥇
    (Drop a vlog we wanna know bout that lifestyle 💓)

  • madii . swan
    madii . swan 7 months ago+390

    I’m not gonna lie because he’s literally just an innocent dog I think he chose the ones on the edge usually because they were the closest ha ha

  • Kylie M
    Kylie M 7 months ago+231

    Can you do a milk makeup and glossier review please <3

  • viktoria portanova
    viktoria portanova 4 months ago+53

    prince didnt pick the green glitter first he picked the one next to it #likeifyouagree

  • Ayeesha H
    Ayeesha H 7 months ago+240

    who else is one of the likers on the egg that succeeded for getting the most liked post on Instagram

  • Jamie Houghton
    Jamie Houghton 7 months ago+108

    Don’t buy puppies 😢. You can get a beautiful dog from a shelter/pound. For way less money then buying a dog and they need homes 😌. Love you Sylvia

  • Diana Hernandez
    Diana Hernandez 7 months ago+133

    1:31 me when I’m talking to my friends about my crush 😆

  • Kyndle Carrington
    Kyndle Carrington 3 months ago+22

    OMG I got my FIRST LIKE!!!!!Wait,why is it blue....

  • Dylan hr Robinson
    Dylan hr Robinson 6 months ago+14

    Do you know what I like about Sylvia??
    While everyone was having scandals in the past 2 years, Sylvia was just out there loving her best life making videos
    I love you Sylvia!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jarielies Rivera
    Jarielies Rivera 7 months ago+44

    IM OBSESSEDDDDD WITH THE EYE LOOK. one of my favs 😍😍😍🤩

  • Maria Kristensen
    Maria Kristensen 7 months ago+28

    Is he sponsered by too faced or something ?!

  • Melissa Li
    Melissa Li yesterday

    Did anyone notice that prince chose a lot of too faced

  • Rose P
    Rose P 7 months ago+13

    When a dog chooses better products then yourself.

  • NellsBeautyWorld
    NellsBeautyWorld 7 months ago+424

    Omg lol i did this for my channel too! my dog lowkey sabotaged me

  • Caitlin Billany
    Caitlin Billany 7 months ago+9

    Who else wants to appreciate the time she must have took to make the background look that beautiful ❓😂

  • theangeloffandoms
    theangeloffandoms 7 months ago+8

    Mykie would be freaking out seeing all this green glitter as any zombae would know

  • Natalie Ambriz
    Natalie Ambriz 7 days ago+2

    Next video
    *Sylvia: "I know I said I wanted 7 puppies... but i got 12!"

  • M U
    M U 7 months ago+1

    he’s grown so much, I remember when he was way smaller!! (And the thumbnail “that was ruff”)
    i feel bad for Sylvia she probably remembers about wolfie every time she says wolfiejr

  • Exquisite Lightening
    Exquisite Lightening 1 months ago+1

    Prince got style, also, my sister's dog's name is Prince but he's a different type of dog. he's white with brown spots