Primitive Technology: Build a Stone House - Full Video

  • Published on:  1/12/2018
  • Primitive Technology: Build a Stone House - Full VideoI build this stone house using only primitive tools and materials.Thanks for watching !!!Dont forget Like and SubcribeSubcribe my channel here: :Build A Stone House video: Primitive Technology: Stone House Part 01 Technology: Stone House Part 02 Technology: Stone House Part 03 Technology: Stone House Part 04 Technology: Stone House Part 05 Technology: Stone House Part 06 Technology: Stone House Part 07 Technology: Stone House Part 08 Technology: Stone House Part 09 Technology: Stone House Part 10 Technology: Stone House Part 11 Technology: Stone House Part 12 Technology: Stone House Part 13 Technology: Stone House Part 14


    EPICMONKEYDUDE 1 months ago+34

    Tbh tho I let this man have his ads, he literally build houses from scratch with woods shovels and random ass minerals

  • Heysen13
    Heysen13 3 months ago+93

    Primitive Technology: Build Ad Revenue
    YouTube's next bright idea will be to make the progress bar yellow.

  • jdcsaun
    jdcsaun 4 months ago+26

    Can you please make a 10
    Hours version I hate restarting it every 2 hours

  • Insidecart76873
    Insidecart76873 3 months ago+104

    Theres a video in your add

  • Lawrence Tider
    Lawrence Tider 2 months ago+20

    These videos are the reason adblockers exist.

  • Thomas Whitten
    Thomas Whitten a years ago+258

    I've seen you build a couple of huts with roofs so far. You know, if you start at the bottom of the roof and overlap going up the roof, you'll get a better fit water would be less likely to leak into the structure. Just my opinion.

  • Mike the Milkman
    Mike the Milkman a years ago+120

    12:32 Me after a night out drinking

  • NoScoperNation 935115
    NoScoperNation 935115 a years ago+13

    This is supposed to be survivalist stuff and small sshacks not pro contracting work 😂

  • Elena Vladi
    Elena Vladi a years ago+156

    The roof will be on fire sooner or later...if you don't improve the fireplace

  • Samson Bandy
    Samson Bandy 11 months ago+15

    You did this shit in my back yard and didn't even ask
    What I'm I gonna tell my mom?

  • Clayton Pitre
    Clayton Pitre 2 months ago+8

    Bro this stone house is bigger than my house 🏡 😭

  • KillMonga 2121
    KillMonga 2121 22 hours ago+1

    Nice. When I watched the other vids I thought you used technology and stuff to make your builds but I believe you now

  • McProseph Gaming
    McProseph Gaming a years ago+85

    Very cool and relaxing video, thanks for sharing!

  • 95mjl
    95mjl a years ago+3

    I fell asleep watching this....
    My new favorite type of videos!

  • Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu 5 months ago+2

    At least the dudes that build these primitive houses get fresh clean hair cut before getting on camera LOL 😂😂😂

  • Link Smith
    Link Smith 2 months ago+2

    You put 45 adds in a video, I will turn on AdBlock. Sorry. Put one every 20-30 minutes and I'll let them play.

  • Grxv
    Grxv 14 days ago+2

    omg why so many videos in ur ad ?!!!

  • Nitro Stalker780
    Nitro Stalker780 5 days ago+1

    Thats way too many adds bro

  • Big Link
    Big Link 9 months ago+4

    2:32:10 caveman dad comes out yelling "Your Putting The Shingles On Wrong".

  • shabwaten da one 14
    shabwaten da one 14 14 days ago

    You can make mud into bricks
    First you make the mud in to a cube Shape then you let the mud dry