Off The Pill Podcast #3 (Ft. Sean Fujiyoshi) - Jobs, Dealing with Fans, and Is Liam Neeson Racist?

  • Published on:  2/10/2019
  • Ryan, Paco, and guest, Sean Fujiyoshi, discuss the difficulties of job hunting and life as public figures. How should YouTubers be treated by fans? How manipulative can social media be? Is Liam Neesom racist? We also answer YOUR questions from Twitter & Instagram! Listen on:Apple Podcast - Play - - "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics! Fujiyoshi - by: Ryan HigaInstagram - - - - Information:Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.comAdvertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.comOrder Ryan's book "how to write good"'s Official Store Channel us mail or whatever you want here!PO Box 232355Las Vegas, NV 89105ter -


  • Fall
    Fall 6 months ago+4109

    0:00 Podcast begins
    0:20 Claps to begin
    1:00 Ryan renamed his roommate as "Sean"
    1:23 Why Sean is here
    1:38 Thanking the nonexistent sponsors
    2:27 How Sean's life has been
    2:55 Jobs
    8:14 Connections (for jobs)
    8:50 Introvert vs Extrovert
    9:58 Sean went to Japan
    14:27 Being a YouTuber
    17:14 Dealing with fans
    18:18 Paco's crazy fan story: The Urinal Man
    20:41 Sean's fan story
    24:34 Big supporters who feel as they own YouTubers
    28:13 Ryan turned down people who asked for a picture
    31:47 Ryan explains how you should be taking stealthy shots of people
    32:56 Being in the public eye is difficult and people don't recognize that
    36:40 Work Life balance
    39:54 Paco's PewDiePie spot
    40:20 Elon Musk is doing Meme Review and the Internet is becoming the mainstream media
    42:45 Super Bowl->Tom Brady hate
    46:51 Pee break
    48:15 Pooping strategies
    52:18 Favorite video Sean has ever been in
    53:12 Secret to friendship with Ryan
    56:22 Favorite anime
    1:00:06 Sean watches off the pill
    1:01:33 Daina
    1:07:43 Paco's relationship
    1:11:24 Sean's relationship advice
    1:14:49 PC-ness of the week
    1:15:27 Liam Neeson and how to address polarization
    1:30:37 How did we get here?
    1:32:30 Sean's accent
    1:34:40 Outro

  • Mikeru 2004
    Mikeru 2004 6 months ago+1258

    I want Kyle Higa on the podcast

  • Makena Lue
    Makena Lue 6 months ago+942

    This series made me realize how smart Paco is

  • YouObviously LoveOreos
    YouObviously LoveOreos 6 months ago+790

    Sean is so chill, Ryan is a good host, Paco is a great storyteller

  • Legit Tim
    Legit Tim 6 months ago+840

    I think we need more paco

  • Zabi Ghasemi
    Zabi Ghasemi 6 months ago+1998

    I only watched cos of Sean, to cure my DepreSean

  • Trumpwall666
    Trumpwall666 5 months ago+235

    Elon musk should hire sean.
    that would be excepSeanal.

  • liwei zhu
    liwei zhu 6 months ago+396

    I feel like it would be cool to see a video on how Daina makes all those props, like a DainaDIY

  • Yumeto
    Yumeto 4 months ago+186

    TO SEAN: As someone who graduated as a Computer Engineer and works as a Software Developer now, I think it would help you get experience to take on side projects as you're looking. At least with code, they like seeing your own personal projects and coding constantly helps keep us from getting rusty, ya know? If you wanna go into CAD design, do some 3D print builds or something haha.
    Also that SKII thing that you did sounded like you helped with some QA (Quality Assurance) testing. You could look into QA jobs which would be less technical / building type stuff but more testing the builds.
    We have this for software development. QAs don't get knees deep into writing code for our end product but they check to make sure we're hitting all requirements. They are pretty technical but just not as technical as a developer. And some QAs even gain enough experience to be able to move onto a development role~
    Maybe the mech space has something siimlar, if you're down to work a job like that. People who make things always need to have someone there to make sure they did it right so it's a super valuable but not as known role (:

  • Bite Meat
    Bite Meat 5 months ago+205

    I hope Sean finds a job

  • Moofy
    Moofy 6 months ago+2038

    Poor sean :( he could use a vacasean

  • Sunnie Hu
    Sunnie Hu 5 months ago+116

    I never realized this but Paco is actually really got at podcasts. Like he keeps things moving along but he also keeps everything interesting and engages everyone and it's really cool

  • Robert Harmon
    Robert Harmon 5 months ago+116

    Reality hits. No experience with a degree.

  • michelle
    michelle 5 months ago+99

    ok its official ryan paco and sean make the most interesting podcasts

  • Michelle Tuey
    Michelle Tuey 5 months ago+28

    I respect seans decision to do what he wants to do and move away from what i think would be a comfortable position that gradually became uncomfortable. I hope he finds a job and has a great time with his gf

  • Mofe Adeyemi
    Mofe Adeyemi 6 months ago+1267

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    He's bacc!

  • Glexy Plexy
    Glexy Plexy 6 months ago+64

    Dear Ryan, can you do more cooking but not really videos??????

  • SchizophrenicAndroid
    SchizophrenicAndroid 5 months ago+31

    I kinda feel bad about it, but hearing Paco is in his first relationship at 27 makes me feel better about being 19 and never having had a girlfriend.

  • Mauricio M.
    Mauricio M. 6 months ago+123

    Ryan's Subs are fake man. Give this video more love.

  • WaterIsIceSoup _
    WaterIsIceSoup _ 6 months ago+74

    I watch all the ads In ur vids, and I don’t skip them cuz I want u to make more money