Telling The Real Story of Carol Danvers | This Week In Marvel

  • Published on:  8/24/2018
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  • Gamer Hex
    Gamer Hex 11 months ago+211

    Cool, now drop the trailer.

  • Ayaan Shah
    Ayaan Shah 11 months ago+89

    this comment section can summed up by
    “I hate Carol”
    “I like Carol”

  • Fernando Ferreira
    Fernando Ferreira 11 months ago+129


  • Christopher Greig
    Christopher Greig 11 months ago+50

    Long hair Captain Marvel >>>>>>>>>>>> Short hair. She doesn't look as badass with it cut short

  • Subject 8
    Subject 8 11 months ago+9

    No. In one of the recents issue's she had an argument with her brother, instead of following him she let him drive drunk and as a result he had an accident and suffered severe brain damage.
    Not just that, she seemed to shrug it off way too fast and didnt take responsibility. She has been a hero for years damn it, her reaction was just so cold and unfeeling, inhumane even.
    Praise "The Life of Captain Marvel" all you want, slap as much of the nice art in my face if you want, in my opinion it's bad and you (Marvel) made her worse.

  • memelord__not tracer
    memelord__not tracer 11 months ago+30

    I can't wait to see Captain marvel (aka carol dancers)join the fight against Thanos I love you guys at marvel studios for ten years you made me happy from ironman to Antman and the Wasp I have used my money to see in theatre

  • Zohar Bashan
    Zohar Bashan 11 months ago+8

    So, you thought you about to see the captain marvel trailer today.
    * breathes in *

  • Michael Hewitt-Clarke
    Michael Hewitt-Clarke 11 months ago+51

    So is Captain Marvel ever gonna face punishment for killing Iron man, Warmachine , and causing secret empire ?

  • Kerin Kelly
    Kerin Kelly 11 months ago+33

    You guys have ruined her over the years!

  • The Human Landa
    The Human Landa 11 months ago+3

    I love Carol Danvers. She's an magnificent character & so badass with the smartest mind & beautiful personality. I can't wait to see the movie. There's gonna be a badass story line with her in charge.

  • Lambert
    Lambert 11 months ago+27

    It's not trailer of Captain Marvel...

  • Jamie Zechiel
    Jamie Zechiel 11 months ago+8

    I'm so hyped for her movie!

  • cosmic spidey 79
    cosmic spidey 79 11 months ago+29

    I just want to say one thing.
    Marvel better than DC

  • Luny & Milky
    Luny & Milky 11 months ago+4

    She's a tough girl! :'j

  • Sophie Isabelle
    Sophie Isabelle 11 months ago+4

    I love Captain Marvel!

  • Vincent Franklin
    Vincent Franklin 11 months ago+2

    I always liked Carol Danvers.

  • Ghostwriter
    Ghostwriter 11 months ago+16

    Can't wait to see Captain Marvel fight with Batman. Also, is she a Jedi or Sith? And eagerly waiting to see what color her Power Rangers uniform will be...

  • Deon Farmer
    Deon Farmer 11 months ago+1

    I can't wait for Carol danvers aka captain marvel live action movie debut and appearing in avenger 4 so I can see her defeat thanos.

  • Divalvaro
    Divalvaro 11 months ago+1

    25 minutes already 1,2 watched amazing

  • rony Ard
    rony Ard 11 months ago+1

    Políticamente correcto 🤣😂🤣