Telling The Real Story of Carol Danvers | This Week In Marvel

  • Published on:  8/24/2018
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  • slapitty wapitty
    slapitty wapitty 3 months ago+1

    No one knows who these people are talking about. Everyone does know the REAL 'Carol Danvers' is in Chris Claremont's "Avengers Annual #10" & "X-Men #182." There's your "Real Story."

  • izz Saverage
    izz Saverage 3 months ago


  • PlayfulMyth18
    PlayfulMyth18 3 months ago

    I'm so excited for the movie. Hurry up!!

  • Jean Gentry
    Jean Gentry 3 months ago+1

    You aren't telling Carol's story Marvel, you're retconning it. I've read the original 1978 run, I've read Brian Reed's run in the mid 2000s, and many stories in between. Just because Marvel wants to forget the Decades of stories that featured Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel, doesn't mean I have.

  • sze yuan hoo
    sze yuan hoo 3 months ago+1

    Please release the trailer for Avengers 4!!!!!!!!!

  • The Grammar Police
    The Grammar Police  3 months ago+1

    I don't like Carol.... I hope the movie changes my mind....

  • i am a new guy
    i am a new guy 3 months ago

    We want trailer man
    Why you are waiting

  • Dank Planck
    Dank Planck 3 months ago

    she's not vulnerable, she's traumatized

  • Dandruff
    Dandruff 3 months ago

    The Avengers : Cleanup - the surviving heroes brush up all the ashes.

  • PunkRockZombie205
    PunkRockZombie205 3 months ago


  • Gg King
    Gg King 3 months ago

    When spiderman far from homes trailer coming

  • Jeffery Schneider
    Jeffery Schneider 3 months ago+1

    F captain marvel she is a ass that has a fit when she doesn’t Get Her Way, Civil War to prove that

    KING KLIPS 3 months ago

    oh the witch who everyone hated during civil war 2? greatest achievement was giving rogue her super strength and flight.

  • mr.shark
    mr.shark 3 months ago+2

    Ok so if gotg v3 happens it needs to end with gamora asking quill where they are going and quill answering with,” to infinity,” and then rocket takes control of the ship like in gotg v2 and finishes with,” and beyond” and quell just rolling his eyes.

  • Brea Bremer
    Brea Bremer 3 months ago+1

    Hi, I’m here to talk to you about one of the most valuable traits a student or soldier can have. Patience. Sometimes patience is the key to victory, sometimes it leads to very little and it seems like it’s not worth it. You wonder why you waited so long for something so disappointing.
    *How many more of these?*

  • Rafael
    Rafael 3 months ago+1

    MY FAVE HERO FOR 21 years! Sooo proud of this story! I thought I knew everything about her and I don’t! She’s got much more depth than she already had!!! Love that you guys will add more to her story without touching her life and story! Keeping it fresh for old fans like me and streamlining her origins for new ones ahead of her global smash stardom next yeaaaaar! AAAA

  • luke ketchum
    luke ketchum 3 months ago

    We better get the first trailer next month.

  • The Movie Fans
    The Movie Fans 3 months ago

    I actually don't need and explanation cuz hehe I already read the comics 😏

  • Coiote Coyoateria
    Coiote Coyoateria 3 months ago+1

    I love your channel, I'm Brazilian, did you know that?

  • Frenki EF
    Frenki EF 3 months ago+1

    Give us a teaser at least. 20-30 sec video. No biggie. Cmon.