Build Big Swimming Pool & Water Slide for Swimming Pool (full video)

  • Published on:  11/12/2018
  • Hello Everyone ,Today i'm Build Big Swimming Pool & Water Slide for Swimming Pool (full video) + Popular Videos1 - Primitive Daily Life : Updating Underground Wood House - use bamboo and mud (full video) ( - Primitive daily life :Update Mini Swimming Pool Underground #2 ( - Primitive Daily Life: Building Mini fish Pond ( - Primitive Daily life :Bringing water to the pool using the banana tree ( - Primitive Daily Life: Building Mini Frog Pond (part end) (


  • Primitive Daily life
    Primitive Daily life  8 months ago+3277

    Thank You Very Much Everyone for Watching , Like , Comment And Share My Videos 😍😍😍 .

    MOA AOM 8 months ago+5369

    In the middle of jungle somewhere, there are so many random swimming pools

  • Lazy Eight
    Lazy Eight 1 months ago+251

    One day this jungle is just going to be one big water park

  • Toteapole
    Toteapole 2 months ago+88

    These mans just built a damn waterpark out of clay

  • Anderite
    Anderite 2 months ago+215

    Their village must be filled up with their constructions! 🔥

  • lightning95sc
    lightning95sc 2 months ago+108

    So, what happens with these works of art after the video? How do they clean the water?
    Is there a random jungle somewhere with a bunch of pools and cleverly built hideaways?
    I have so many questions. Lol

  • moses tofaeono
    moses tofaeono 7 months ago+2040

    If I had to chose 2 people to be stranded on a island with 👀👀👀

  • Mili Mill
    Mili Mill 2 months ago+122

    Can somebody tell me what university they went to? Which architectural school did they attend? Enough said. These people are geniuses. Greedy builders take notes...

  • Jaydaaa Hodgesss
    Jaydaaa Hodgesss 2 months ago+281

    Absolutely nobody:
    Me: watching videos of ppl make pools

  • يازهراء يازهراء

    انا في سؤال محيرني هاد لي عم بيعملو لمين لهون لو عم بيشتغلو نفسي اعرف

  • ركن الدين اسمر اسمر

    سبحان الله الارادة .. تصنع المعجزات .. 👏👏..😄..😃....💯👍💯👍💯👍

  • Sammy JM
    Sammy JM 7 months ago+1273

    Son: Dad can u build me a swimming pool
    Dad: Say no more

  • Rajanya Gue
    Rajanya Gue 2 months ago+46


  • صاحب كلمة
    صاحب كلمة 7 days ago+6

    هي هاي اليسموهة سبحة الا بشدة 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    اكو عرب بالطيارة

  • Usman Mujeeb
    Usman Mujeeb 3 months ago+1

    yr wesy had ha itna apna time or material waste kr rhe han kitne darakht kate honge issy acha suming chale jati or 50 me maze urdate hahah😂😂

  • 破壊神たむぎん
    破壊神たむぎん 1 months ago+3


  • Deborah Deborah
    Deborah Deborah 7 months ago+537

    Those who gave dislike are the jealous ones

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G 2 months ago+171

    And I can’t even clean my room

  • حنان العلي
    حنان العلي 2 months ago+78

    لعربي بحطلي لايك بليز

  • Black Dot
    Black Dot 1 months ago+34

    "Ok" I'm starting to think these guys are paid actors