How to be an Anime Superhero!

  • Published on:  8/20/2017
  • I apologize in advance for our Japanese. None of us actually speak it and we really did use direct Google Translate, which we know isn't the most accurate.See Bloopers and BTS here: my book "how to write good" Launched New Official Store Channel us mail or whatever you want here!PO Box 232355Las Vegas, NV 89105


  • adillaachmad_24
    adillaachmad_24 4 months ago+1589

    You forgot something
    AnyOne that wears glasses on an anime
    Has a glowing eye thing

  • Matthew Harding
    Matthew Harding 2 months ago+1078

    If you're weak. Just scream. It works like 95% of the time.

  • FlippingPancakes
    FlippingPancakes 4 months ago+2195

    In every anime...
    If your losing say a very long speech and then attack.

  • BlueButter IceCream
    BlueButter IceCream 2 months ago+674

    Main Character: Naruto
    Rival/best friend: Sasuke
    Attractive But Abusive Girl: Sakura
    Perverted Old Man: Jiraiya
    Chubby guy who’s always eating: Choji
    Guy who’s animated differently: Rock Lee
    Skinny girl that eats like a chubby guy: Hinata

  • Im a Nerd
    Im a Nerd a years ago+6326

    I think ryan is one of the most original youtubers

  • A.N.D
    A.N.D 5 months ago+462

    One pun man ignores most of these rules.

  • Rehan Ashraf
    Rehan Ashraf 5 months ago+751

    The guy that is animated differently
    Rock Lee and Might Gai

  • Saltee Sushee
    Saltee Sushee 2 months ago+280

    "Really skinny girl that eats like the chubby"

  • Ilaria Capasso
    Ilaria Capasso 1 months ago+124

    can we just appreciate how the dialougues in japanese seem very like an anime episode one and how good they are

  • E W
    E W 1 months ago+76

    Me: Shows this video to Japanese friend
    Friend: How many "Watashi Wa's" are they gonna jam into their sentences?

  • Taesty
    Taesty 5 months ago+118

    But one punch mans fighting scenes are so short its funny

  • 上田すい
    上田すい 2 months ago+60

    As I can speak japanese, it's more than hilarious lol
    Why do these guys' words are so polite

  • NelTRD
    NelTRD 2 months ago+140

    U forgot a rule
    Make random sound affects

  • theviolatedtwinky
    theviolatedtwinky a years ago+3639

    Meh. The manga was better.

  • Nemon X
    Nemon X 2 months ago+205

    Why not make an NigaHiga Anime show... It will be awesome

  • tomdixon14
    tomdixon14 4 months ago+77

    You forgot the part where the villain is extremely better than the hero and completely destroys them but in the final battle for some reason the villain stops using his strong attacks and loses even though having a much stronger power level

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 5 months ago+187

    You forgot one rule:
    There has to be at least one ship
    In many great animes, there are a lot of ships, sometimes/always gay ones

  • Platinum Network
    Platinum Network 4 months ago+67

    "no one hurts my weaker friends" 😂😂😂

  • Herry Xi
    Herry Xi a years ago+3866

    This isn't in the Manga.

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon 2 months ago+108

    This is litteraly just how naruto works (btw GREAT VIDEO)