YouTube Couples Try Not To Cringe: Cringey Couples

  • Published on:  2/17/2019
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  • Sunday Girl
    Sunday Girl 2 months ago+161

    I kind of get upset when people hate on the woman who rejects a public proposal. Proposing in public puts a lot of pressure on the person being proposed to and any other answer than "yes" makes them seem like the bad guy. Maybe they're not ready for marriage. Maybe they're a child of divorce and are afraid of marriage. Maybe they're unsure of their relationship and haven't told their partner yet. Maybe the proposer was moving too fast. WE DON'T KNOW!
    That's why you always have to talk about marriage BEFORE you actually propose.

  • BetterLifeAhead
    BetterLifeAhead 6 months ago+403

    Why was the girl being judged in the failed proposal? It's the guy's fault for springing it on her in public and likely never even discussing marriage with her before since she was clearly not into it

  • Ana Mullen
    Ana Mullen 4 months ago+193

    “iS tHaT a UsB fLaSh DrIvE!”
    "no that’s a juul”
    "i hate this video”

  • madalyn dunn
    madalyn dunn 1 months ago+98

    blah blah blah.
    joke joke joke.

  • Gmail Admin
    Gmail Admin 5 months ago+138

    "Where does he stick it?" I like her, she says what we're all thinking.

  • tyler is big gay
    tyler is big gay 28 days ago+84

    matpat owns my heart ONLY because of his pure and unabashed love for stephanie.

  • cheer crazy34
    cheer crazy34 5 months ago+85

    Idk why but I literally lost it it 9:12
    "TLC, the learning channel. We all learned something today."

  • Naila Alam
    Naila Alam 1 months ago+72

    February: no
    March: no
    April: no
    May: no
    June: no
    End of June: YES

  • TJ Toons
    TJ Toons 6 months ago+505

    "First I'm expecting a sloppy kiss scene, a failed marriage proposal..."
    MatPat already has it down lol

  • donewithyouall
    donewithyouall 4 months ago+98

    "I don't think I'm comfortable going to whole foods annymore"
    I can'T sjsnsjskskksks

  • Cruxador
    Cruxador 6 months ago+96

    That roleplay story was the best part of this video.

  • Camryn Thompson
    Camryn Thompson 6 months ago+87

    Cody ko and noel miller already prepared me for the last bit lmao if yall watched the whole thing easily it'd be a 5 oof

  • PDB Deb
    PDB Deb 6 months ago+85

    Wtf is a couples' video without Ned and Ariel Fulmer?

  • wakarahen
    wakarahen 6 months ago+315


  • Linnea Andersson
    Linnea Andersson 5 months ago+84

    Hannah and Ellas roleplaying story at 13:04 had me dying

  • Daadaa
    Daadaa 21 days ago+56

    Matpat makes me rly happy just by existing. Thanks boy

  • Joyce Wible
    Joyce Wible 6 months ago+66

    Ella and Hannah's story at the end had me laughing like a lunatic.

  • Tammy Lam
    Tammy Lam 5 months ago+80

    I see Keith and Becky
    I click
    I see MatPat and Stephanie
    I click

  • Lupe Flores
    Lupe Flores 5 months ago+75

    "This sounds like sh*t you would say before a suicide pact" LMAO

  • Sofía Sánchez
    Sofía Sánchez 6 months ago+45

    Just get Jenna and Julien in couples react