Guess Who's A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut



  • CancerousPlayer
    CancerousPlayer an hour ago

    Alexa: who's a couple

  • Candice Jones
    Candice Jones 3 hours ago

    That first part of the girl I couldn’t see her shoulders lmao

  • Jimin’s Wifeu
    Jimin’s Wifeu yesterday

    *Alexa, Can you give me a boyfriend?*

  • Micci
    Micci yesterday

    Anybody know the gay couple instagram ?

  • Jay Paint
    Jay Paint 2 days ago

    I kind of wish that they did LGBT+ couples as well :T

  • Waiana Kamo
    Waiana Kamo 2 days ago

    i thought it was going to racist to

  • Furious Gaming
    Furious Gaming 3 days ago+1

    You should have asked her to play despacito

  • The Max Gamer
    The Max Gamer 3 days ago

    she look like fearsome fire

  • Victoria ツ
    Victoria ツ 3 days ago

    I got most of them right 😂 I honestly just looked at the people that were similar to each other.

  • Squidward Fan4lyfe
    Squidward Fan4lyfe 4 days ago

    Wouldn’t this be a cute way to meet your person

  • Ximena Espinosa
    Ximena Espinosa 4 days ago+2

    Oml at the beginning I saw the cut of her sweatshirt and thought she didn't have arms smh 😂

  • Angie Scotting
    Angie Scotting 4 days ago


  • billago
    billago 6 days ago+2

    I thought it was amazon echo

  • ashley elena
    ashley elena 6 days ago+1

    alexa! *lights up*
    Guess who the couples are
    Alexa- sorry, i dont that one.

  • Crazed Unicorn
    Crazed Unicorn 6 days ago+5

    "So you got one out of five"
    My teacher explaining my grade

  • any armys here ?
    any armys here ? 7 days ago+1

    that one girl with the green dress skirt thing said i love you in a weird way and the guy with his hat on stupidly over his eyebrows they looked like awkward people so i guessed they’d be together

  • Cristine May Arroyo

    The asian guy is so cüte

  • Dianna Me
    Dianna Me 8 days ago

    Another please lol

  • Truth Talk
    Truth Talk 9 days ago+1

    I dont gwt why she didnt put two girls togethwr and two boys!! I would have!

  • i have too many email accounts

    how are her arms connected to her shoulders