2018 US Open Highlights: Serena Williams' dispute overshadows Naomi Osaka's final win | ESPN



  • Scott Winfrey
    Scott Winfrey 45 minutes ago

    Why am I not surprised she whipped out the woman card?

  • sv vs
    sv vs 6 hours ago+1

    Got to love these double standards. If an man acted this way towards an women he would had been harassing her.

  • Christian Rojas
    Christian Rojas 7 hours ago

    what a cheater

  • Packer McJabroni
    Packer McJabroni 21 hours ago

    She’s defending herself about cheating like I was in college when I was called out for pitching with pine tar. I wish I was able to play the woman card, all I did was get tossed and suspended five games.

  • Alex Maxwell
    Alex Maxwell 22 hours ago

    This happened before back in 2009. In the Semi-finals

  • amatulla rahman
    amatulla rahman 22 hours ago

    Serena was not treated fairly and the ref know it. I agree with her that the ruling was not fair. But I also Agree that Osaka played a very good game.

  • blazey fearey
    blazey fearey yesterday

    Alright... I know Osaka won, and she’s incredible... but every coach DOES DO COACHING and the coaching call literally never happens and imo Serena’s reaction was precedented. Like cmon son both of them are incredible tennis players but Ramos hardcore hated on her and fucked her game up. For y’all calling her a child, you have never played a competitive sport in your life and don’t get how it feels to have the ref mess with your mental. “Shut up and play tennis” nah YOU shut up and keep your commentary to yourself. Respect athletes cause you could never do what they do and go what they go through in a million years of your life.

  • Ludnel Investe
    Ludnel Investe 2 days ago

    She was just mad and out of control that's why she lost but she can beat the young girl in another occasion.... you the best ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Alberta OIL
    I love Alberta OIL 2 days ago+2

    She is weak, doesn't take responsibility for her behavior and blame her gender

  • Nvthvnz
    Nvthvnz 2 days ago

    Bruh everyone in here getting mad at serena when they know damn well they would had gotten mad if they got a penalty for something they didnt do, and dont say you wouldn't cause obviously you never worked as hard as her and NEVER have gotten into the finals. Yall gonna call stephen curry a cry baby and a retard too? What the ref did was wrong, and yes Naomi didnt feel like she won, but none of you wanna understand that it was due to the stupid call that she was getting "Coached". You guys are also mocking her about "She has a kid, wow what does that have to do with anything about cheating"... Yall aint even have kids, and if you do, then you know its really fucking expected of you to be a good role model correct? Everyone in this comment section is completely brain dead.

  • Dylan Gale
    Dylan Gale 2 days ago

    Serena gave this game to Naomi in so many ways

  • carlos angulo
    carlos angulo 4 days ago

    3:15 only women are clapping lol

    Kat LOLOLOLOL 4 days ago

    Osaka isn’t screaming. 😂 She’s so humble!

  • SkankHunt58
    SkankHunt58 4 days ago

    guys you can cheat...
    but only if you have kids

  • Frank Messina
    Frank Messina 4 days ago+2

    think it's some kind of post partum depression , she's overreacting

  • its ectoplasm
    its ectoplasm 5 days ago

    I think she knows that she cannot be what she once was all these younger players are faster and they play smarter too.
    Cant beat that with just power.
    Tell you what i wouldnt mind getting into a tennis match with some of these tennis girls im gonna have to change some minor details to the rules one of them is that you cant watch it on tv..it will be pay per view.

  • samantha gimenez
    samantha gimenez 5 days ago+3

    *honey your job is to play tennis*
    *not to be a*
    *_”wOmAnS rIgHtS aCtiViSt”_*

  • shroomingnewman 3
    shroomingnewman 3 5 days ago+3

    ugly tranny

  • Michael C Crede
    Michael C Crede 5 days ago+1

    Her and Lebron James always getting mad when the game works against their "greatness"

  • Worldwide Genocide
    Worldwide Genocide 6 days ago+1

    big dumb babboon bitch