2018 US Open Highlights: Serena Williams' dispute overshadows Naomi Osaka's final win | ESPN



  • The umpire doesn’t owe and apology to Serena. Serena owes an apology to Osaka for robbing the poor girls moment of victory. Osaka literally apologized to the crowd for winning. This shouldn’t be happening. Smh

  • My Room an hour ago

    This is bad sportsmanship at its worst. It’s so sad to see.

  • MrFriesBlox 18 hours ago

    My Life Is One Big Joke YESSSS

  • Ros Lee 3 months ago

    This is mainly confusing because I don’t know how tennis works

  • Kadiatu Bah yesterday

    Same here❤️

  • Dr. Phil 6 days ago

    Ros Lee i just watch for the girls

  • Dimmysimmy123 4 months ago

    Her coach said later in an interview that he was coaching

  • Kirk 16 days ago

    so Serena was lying.

  • nikola zelenovic 19 days ago

    danny caskey shut up you idiot

  • John Smithee 4 months ago

    If Serena's opponent was white, just imagine how many times she would've used the race card to put the umpire down.

  • Julian Mena 6 days ago

    The Delivery Boy Agree just wanted to say... Asian people have it harder for example on the dating game or on casual conversation (so on that scene they are more discriminated). But socially and economically black people are by far more oppressed basically because they had slavery and they started developing socially for a really harder position than Asian. :)

  • The Delivery Boy 9 days ago

    Luckily for us, Naomi Osaka is Asian, which is actually probably more of an oppressed race than black people (I’m sorry, I saw this somewhere else), and from what I hear, a genuinely nice lady. however i think she was still being booed at her awards and ended up crying because she couldn’t control this entitlement.

  • Cameron Dominguez 3 months ago

    Serena: DoN't TaLk To Me*Seconds later*Serena: YOU OWE ME AN APOLOGYWut

  • My Room an hour ago

    Juanita Stew I think it’s time for her to give the tennis away.

  • JIDF bot 26 days ago

    female logic

  • OustFoX 9 months ago

    What's upsetting is that Osaka felt like she didn't deserved the win, just because Serena Williams was a poor sport.

  • Theo Quach 17 days ago

    @Deanya Walsh No ref was not racist. Serena's coach been known to do this sort of crap. She finally got caught

  • Joe Hoang 19 days ago

    She is a master in throwing tantrums and blaming racism/sexism whenever she loses.

  • Rose Ukin 4 months ago

    Who else is here after Naomi Osaka won the Australian open ?

  • TheHoly Reviewer 28 days ago

    I'm here in 2023 after she's won 4 not Australian Opens

  • Minh Le a months ago


  • tzimarasmusic 4 months ago

    "Say it...say your sorry" wow..talk about self entitlement.

  • KDTN KERA 2 12 days ago

    Couldn’t agree more. Serena shouldn’t have argued with the umpire over a minor penalty, but she kept berating him, demanding an apology while lying that she didn’t receive a penalty for coaching and that just cost her an entire game and Osaka automatically wins! I can’t imagine how disrespectful Serena would act on a tennis court, especially in front of a public audience, so embarrassing!

  • ichugdonuts 26 days ago

    @danny caskey OMG I see you on every comment saying the same thing. THIS IS NOT THE 1960S everyone has moved on. It was a sad time in history, and EVERYONE knows that.

  • P J 5 months ago

    I saw that Osaka girl on Ellen, she’s such a sweetheart.

  • Kivencito 3 months ago

    Those were not Osaka's tears of joy... what a disgrace that all this happened to her....

  • Dr. Phil 6 days ago

    Kivencito shes so fake