WATCH: Kanjana Ranaut's First Interview To Republic Bharat Post Controversy | Republic TV Exclusive



  • Balat :
    Balat : 1 months ago+204

    These fake media has too much ego n they can't withstand kangana's success, she a talented n a fine actress, v love n support u

  • Lucieon
    Lucieon 1 months ago+160

    I don't watch Bollywood movies anymore except yours. We have your back Kangana. Stay strong 💪🏼👊🏼

  • jai bharat
    jai bharat 1 months ago+95

    We need to support this girl. She is the Diamond in the coal mine.

  • Gopalaswami Kuppuswami
    Gopalaswami Kuppuswami 1 months ago+92

    Kangana maximum people are with you

  • Sanjay Shetty
    Sanjay Shetty 1 months ago+89

    We like her because she is honest and "No Nonsense" person. Katrina Kaif has being working in Bollywood for nearly 15 years and made lots of money but don't bother to learn Hindi.

  • Dragon War
    Dragon War 1 months ago+57

    i respect this bold lady exposing this biased media and film industry.. we support u

  • Sid Avi
    Sid Avi 1 months ago+148

    Destroy them Kangana. We, entire nation, are with you and love you lots. For the first time ever, AC actress from Bollywood is moving & shaking the entire Mafia system. More power to you. You are the idol for millions of Indian across the world. These British NAJAYEEZ children should learn that their TIME IS UP. Kangana you are our Hearts QUEEN for a reason. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Crude Rhythm
    Crude Rhythm 1 months ago+143

    Kangana those who voted for modi with 350 + seats are with you.

  • Nagesh Guthalu
    Nagesh Guthalu 1 months ago+48

    Strongest actress of Bollywood 👍👍👍

  • Praemila Shivaacharya
    Praemila Shivaacharya 1 months ago+44

    You're doing awesome Kangana!
    Our respect and love are with you ❣👍👍😊

  • Erwin Masusu
    Erwin Masusu 1 months ago+52

    Time for another movie machine to counter Bollywood and its anti-Hindu slant.

  • Kulbhushan Verma
    Kulbhushan Verma 1 months ago+30

    Kangana I really like your strong personality.

    HARINAM6 1 months ago+71

    These Bollywood mafia work to destroy any one who does not agree with their pro Pakistani, Muslim narrative. They are all anti nationals.

  • Wings wings
    Wings wings 1 months ago+47

    Weldone Kangana u inspiring many people to stand up against wrong...

  • himmat chavan
    himmat chavan 1 months ago+67

    We support Kangana... true queen...among Mughal stars

  • venkatesh meti
    venkatesh meti 1 months ago+74

    You go girl!!

  • Mishra lama
    Mishra lama 1 months ago+36

    My girl 👧 go go you are with you 🥰🥰🥰

  • Satya Sarma
    Satya Sarma 1 months ago+66

    Kangana the great. Destroy these "English language slaves" ,"brown Whites" of Bollywood and of sections of media. They are in many spheres and walks of life

  • Ram Raja
    Ram Raja 1 months ago+19

    Kangana Ranaut after casting vote:

    "For the first time, India is being governed by Indians [Modi],
    after a long time of Mughal, British & Italian rule" -- Kangana Ranaut

  • Krishna Budihal
    Krishna Budihal 1 months ago+43

    She is patriotic actress