UNBELIEVABLE ! Top 10 Shocking Blind Auditions The Voice 2018

  • Published on:  9/11/2018
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  • Kelli Votel
    Kelli Votel 8 months ago +3849

    The first girl has an uncomplicated, haunting voice that reaches in and forces your heart to listen. So good. What’s her name?

  • karollina
    karollina 7 days ago+221

    0:13 - ‚Dancing On My Own’ - Mikayla Jade
    2:07 - ‚Can’t help falling in love’ - Jaclyn Lovey
    4:00 - ‚Let it go’ - Tayla Thomas
    5:29 - ‚I will always love you’ - Maddison Mcnamara
    7:57 - ‚Despacito’ - Aydan Calafiore
    9:39 - ‚I’ll be there’ - Josh Richards
    11:35 - ‚Malibu’ - Clint Posselt
    13:10 - ‚When doves cry’ - Sam Perry
    15:42 - ‚Lean on’ - Lauren Bannon

  • Big C
    Big C 6 months ago+1864

    The girl that sang Whitney Houston in 5:30 made you see not just her pain but also yours through her voice. This is priceless right there

  • rilhol
    rilhol 5 months ago+639


  • akash j
    akash j 6 months ago+716

    Any one still watching this in 2019
    Bored af.......?
    Edit : my highest likes
    Even though it's only 13
    I appreciate it thanks guys

  • Megan Barton
    Megan Barton 6 months ago+1222

    Well, tried to sing Whitney Houston with headphones thinking I sound like a champ just to have cops knock on my door to give me a fine for animal abuse😱

  • Weston Wang
    Weston Wang 5 months ago+807

    The DJ was just on a different level

  • Jake Silvio
    Jake Silvio 5 months ago+358

    Why is the mad hatter one of the judges

  • Angelique Peterson
    Angelique Peterson  6 months ago+818

    That woman that sang Whitney Houston omg chills like freezer damnnnnn she did that

  • le ryan
    le ryan 6 months ago+2522

    the 1st one.....
    her voice attacked in my heart directly!!

  • Laurel Short
    Laurel Short 6 months ago+456

    Ya'll don't have to like Despacito, but that guy freakin killed it. Mad respect.

  • Aplayer 101
    Aplayer 101 5 months ago+575

    You know you're good when you sing "let it go " at a singing competition

  • dead0alice
    dead0alice 6 months ago+521

    if i could actually sing, my neighbors would love me more

  • aqxlic lol
    aqxlic lol 6 months ago+638

    I should be working on a project right now....

  • Ethan Bates
    Ethan Bates 8 months ago+1238

    Finally someone that did a Whitney song justice

  • Olivia Lovelyna
    Olivia Lovelyna 2 months ago+93

    The girl who sings Can't Help Falling In Love
    I really love her voice

  • Jennifer Disher
    Jennifer Disher 6 months ago+364

    Ah the girl that sung Whitney Huston made me ball my eyes out!! I felt her passion 😭😭😭

  • CoffeePugs
    CoffeePugs 5 months ago+234

    Is no one gonna talk about the powerful yet soft voice of that little boy? Sobbing

  • Isabella
    Isabella 5 months ago+275

    That Whitney Houston girl just made my friday

  • THeLaGgErBoYiE
    THeLaGgErBoYiE 8 months ago+2838

    This makes me wanna sing...

    but then I remember that I am a horse