President Obama's official portrait unveiled

  • Published on:  2/12/2018
  • At the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, former President Barack Obama spoke about parallels between his life and artist Kehinde Wiley.


  • RyanInLA
    RyanInLA 6 days ago

    i think the artist understands that they don't look like a typical Presidential family so the portrait shouldn't look like the other portraits.

  • Stephanie Chacon
    Stephanie Chacon 25 days ago

    They played a dirty trick on the Obama’s.

  • MrOramato
    MrOramato 27 days ago

    Suggested Caption: “Former President Obama’s seated, surrounded by synthetic flowers, in keeping with his fake styrofoam columns from his nominating coronation. Each pedal is rumored to be fashioned by Chinese Peasants from pieces of 19 Trillion in shredded US Dollars, in an effort to symbolize the economic ruin Obama worked to so hard to leave as his legacy.

  • Nana Aforo
    Nana Aforo a months ago

    Obviously the paintings are great, but If you think you can do better, then try. Don't just be an ignorant politically-biased asshole in some fucking youtube comments.

  • theodore lovesu
    theodore lovesu 1 months ago

    nervous laughter! LOL

  • theodore lovesu
    theodore lovesu 1 months ago

    How sad that Americas first black president is pictured in the yard like he's a groundskeeper, I cringed when I saw it, then laughed.

  • lil Daja
    lil Daja 1 months ago

    The artist is wearing pj

  • TaggsR85
    TaggsR85 1 months ago

    That is the biggest piece of shit painting. It looks like crap.

  • Jose Amaya خو
    Jose Amaya خو 1 months ago

    Obama borned in kenya

    QZE SB-CA 1 months ago

    Could it be any more obvious he HATES that portrait

  • Beau-Daniel Doy
    Beau-Daniel Doy 1 months ago

    Hired a Racist to paint his portrait, mans a fraud and has been outed for hiring chinese painters to paint his piece's, LMFAO. Dudes got 2 right hands .hahahahaha

  • scorepit
    scorepit 1 months ago

    they forgot to edit the meme in, 0/10 ign

  • bluH2o bluFin
    bluH2o bluFin 1 months ago

    Ivy is invasive, hard to get rid of & destroys the structural integrity of anything it grows on. Perfect choice for Obamas background.

  • Something SomethingSomething

    Given to a black man (through affirmative action) who then immediately out-sourced the job to China..

  • Scot Douglas
    Scot Douglas 1 months ago+1

    Thank you, Obama, for allowing your friends ISIS to make innocent little Christian Yazidi girls into sex slaves. You worthless piece of shit.

  • Eliseo bazan
    Eliseo bazan 2 months ago+1

    I did not no Obama die pot

  • Anthonyjr Fierro
    Anthonyjr Fierro 2 months ago

    Sperm face

  • Anthonyjr Fierro
    Anthonyjr Fierro 2 months ago

    I only see speed in his face or is that his vain

  • Olivia Parker
    Olivia Parker 2 months ago

    A joke like 8 years He’s was disgracing the American people.simply an embarrassment!

  • Olivia Parker
    Olivia Parker 2 months ago

    Looks like a dollar store picture hey cheap an tacky as usual.