The Human Knot!?

  • Published on:  6/5/2019
  • The guys and I try out a new game/team building activity called "the human knot".Order my new energy drink, Ninja Melk - my book "how to write good" Merch Store Channel - - - - us mail or whatever you want here!PO Box 232355Las Vegas, NV 89105


  • Joleen Quitugua
    Joleen Quitugua 2 months ago+2083

    “but there’s gonna be one left” — “we don’t have a one armed person” — “ohhhh”😂

  • Daniel L
    Daniel L 2 months ago+439

    You're supposed to cross your own arms before you grab onto anyone else's arm (left arm on your right side, right arm on your left side). That should make it harder.
    Also, 5 people isn't actually that many. When we play, we often have up to 8.
    Like so Ryan can see

  • jackson seven
    jackson seven 2 months ago+1344

    Ryan: “if we don’t get out of this...”
    Greg: “i’m suing.”

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee 2 months ago+784

    That's called doctor quack quack here in the Philippines

  • Emily clanton
    Emily clanton 2 months ago+223

    Ryan “I’m trying to grow it out”
    Me: “don’t say it
    Don’t say it”

  • Shaz
    Shaz 2 months ago+3282

    bearded ryan is the equivalent to greg completely clean shaven

  • Mlem Then
    Mlem Then 2 months ago+52

    In order to win, each player must face eachother/inward . If one/or multiple people are facing outward, you must find a solution to turn them around. This makes the game more challenging and exciting. Also, try and play the game with a lot of people. The more the merrier

  • Nick Shine
    Nick Shine 2 months ago+57

    we need more: parkourse, mafia, and wheres will tho.
    those r the 3 best ones

  • Rafael Angelo Piad
    Rafael Angelo Piad 2 months ago+68

    You guys should start off in a circle then tangle yourselves ......then only one person outside the circle will fix it (daz how we play it in felepens)

  • jana villapa
    jana villapa 2 months ago+173


  • Roberto Orrego
    Roberto Orrego 2 months ago+30

    U didn't play it right. Everyone has to face the same direction at the end. Also you can't grab the hand of the person who is right next to you. Still great video

  • Like my comment
    Like my comment 2 months ago+22

    “He said like 2 words”
    Im dead lmao😂😂

  • ayeeerine m
    ayeeerine m 2 months ago+29

    "The Human Knot"
    Dr. Quack is shakinggggg (Filipinos will get this)

  • SirRamen
    SirRamen 2 months ago+14

    Thats just Doctor Quack Quack
    Thats what we call it in the Philippines don’t judge

  • Kaitlyn Hutchins
    Kaitlyn Hutchins 2 months ago+2189

    It might not be as hard because you are not supposed to grab hands with the person right next to you 😂

  • holy wahter in my faceu
    holy wahter in my faceu 2 months ago+19

    okay but judging from the thumbnail—i remember this as “doctor quack quack” filipino names be leik

  • Brett A
    Brett A 2 months ago+39

    Doctor Doctor Please Help Me!
    -Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Kylene Adorkable
    Kylene Adorkable 2 months ago+7

    Every Filipino knows this is called "Dr. Quack Quack" HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  • Axixa Samajda
    Axixa Samajda 2 days ago

    XD yall are just really good....begging for more psychiatrist ^ ^

  • misdirectedteenageangst
    misdirectedteenageangst 1 months ago+4

    ryan: despite how it looks, i'm gonna grow it out bc i SAy No tO bUllYiNg. booooooooo!!
    everyone else: boooooooo!!
    paco: ** laughs maniacally **