Game Theory: WARNING - Pokemon May Cause DEATH!

  • Published on:  2/11/2018
  • Last Chance to Get YOUR GT Hoodie! ► Are Going EXTINCT! ►► 6: What's In The Box?! ►► GO is one of the most popular games to be released this decade. However, it's no simple game — it gets players to explore the world, exercise, and socialize with each other (in person!). This is a really great thing, but of course there's a catch: Pokemon GO may very well be the Most Dangerous game ever made!SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ► out with us on GTLive! ►► THEORIES:Super Mario BETRAYED?! ►► Pokedex is Full of Lies! ►► Boxes Hack Your Brain! (Pt 1) ►► Game You Won't Play | Petscop ► Doki’s SCARIEST Monster! ► Bendy Will END! ►►► out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► Shock ►► SCIENCE! ►►


  • STampsBoss
    STampsBoss a years ago+10734

    12:14 he said drumroll. I looked at my drumsticks that happened to be lying next to me. He said please. I grabbed those sticks.

  • Adamen_CZ
    Adamen_CZ a years ago+579

    Pokemon go isnt killing anyone
    Stupidity is

  • Brooklyn M
    Brooklyn M 10 months ago+331

    the beginning text though.. XD "MatPat is not a licensed doctor or medical professional, please consult your physician for actual medical advice concerning diet and weight loss, side effects of Pokemon Go include getting hit by cars, falling into ditches, trouble with local authorities, bodily harm, and lack of situational awareness in general. Pokemon Go may or may not actually kill you. Pokemon Go is deadly. I repeat, Pokemon Go is deadly! Please help me get out of here -
    my family's been kidnapped and i'm being held here against my will." OMGGGGG (btw anyone else stop to read it?)

  • GabeVerde
    GabeVerde a years ago+177


  • The Gronch
    The Gronch a years ago+178

    A man actually died from a heart attack because he got a lapras

  • Goldenheart !
    Goldenheart ! a years ago+55

    Who needs to walk when you can have your mother drive you and your brother around the mall parking lot?

  • Going_ richard
    Going_ richard 10 months ago+55

    Wait, using this step logic, how many steps would you have to take a day to live forever

  • Craig Wagner
    Craig Wagner a years ago+131

    Its the fault of the people dumb enough to go out into traffic for a virtual pet. Not the game itself, and the game has warnings. So it's your fault if you're an idiot and don't use common sense.

  • Crebb 2184
    Crebb 2184 7 months ago+30

    the most deadliest game is...
    Flappy bird

  • Jayplayz LoL
    Jayplayz LoL 6 months ago+16

    reasons why people like these
    the content 15%
    matpat 5%
    the intro 80%
    love you😘

  • Eve Edena
    Eve Edena a years ago+340

    Pokemon doesn't cause death.
    Stupidity does.

  • Ugandan Gamer
    Ugandan Gamer a years ago+27

    Slow down the sped up words trust me

  • Raya /Not you
    Raya /Not you 10 months ago+17

    I’m late but I wanted to say: my mums classroom is a Pokémon hotspot (whatever it’s called(idk anything about Pokémon))

  • TravPlayz
    TravPlayz 10 months ago+14

    Lol the QR code at 0:37 leads to the game theorists’ channel

  • Mystear Primal
    Mystear Primal 6 months ago+8

    Aww...I missed those hoodies cuz I found this video late...
    I know I'd not be able to buy it but still...

  • magikat
    magikat 6 months ago+6

    Me: gasp im fat
    Downloads pokemon go
    Five years later
    Wow im really skinny

  • Amazing HT
    Amazing HT a years ago+16

    Hear the disclaimer after Pokemon go in 0.5X it's really worth a try

  • Average Person
    Average Person 2 days ago

    Old man died of heartattack after cathcing rare pokemon Lapras lol

  • Nuke chicken
    Nuke chicken 4 months ago+5

    2 seconds in are you a poka fan
    Me: no just let me watch the video

  • Olga
    Olga a years ago+447

    Steph and Skip were kidnapped, I repeat - Steph and Skip were kidnapped.
    And Mat is hold against his will...?
    Yeah, we know who did it...