Irish People Taste Test Weird American Food Inventions

  • Published on:  3/7/2016
  • "I think my mouth is having a nervous breakdown."

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    Behind the video :
    We found some of the weirdest American culinary inventions and got our Facts. contributors to taste test the strange creations. They ranged from the bizarre to the disgusting and still our contributors tried them all.

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    Produced by Creative Nation
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    Thanks to our chef, Neil Barrett.
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  • Robert Echols
    Robert Echols 6 hours ago

    That Red head tho!!! she is HOT!!!

  • XanthoGrl
    XanthoGrl yesterday

    I audibly laughed when he called the hotdog fancy

  • the1stfallenangel94

    The donut burger looks so gross.

  • Andy Santandreu
    Andy Santandreu 2 days ago

    Vegetarian guy sounds damn near American

  • Zack Casagrande
    Zack Casagrande 2 days ago

    “This is taxidermy gone wrong!” That’s gotta be the best description yet! 😂😂😂

  • Andrew Tallman
    Andrew Tallman 3 days ago

    Wait, Ireland doesn't have corn dogs?

  • Travis Vaughan
    Travis Vaughan 5 days ago

    You need some ketchup and mustard for your corndog.

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith 5 days ago

    American here... Only thing I've had in this video is a corndog. 🤣

  • Jacob Parker
    Jacob Parker 6 days ago

    I must not be American haven't ate any of this stuff lol.

  • Dirrtyvictory
    Dirrtyvictory 6 days ago

    I've never heard of a cronut! 😯😯😯😯😯

  • Narrative Knight
    Narrative Knight 6 days ago

    Yes. We always have corndogs with mustard or ketchup.

  • G. S.
    G. S. 7 days ago

    I died laughing at the doughnut sandwich. “It’s really nice... and it’s really upsetting me. >_<“ I’ve said that about other foods I thought shouldn’t go together but someone insisted I try. (Or hell, putting ketchup on tamales. It felt so wrong but it tasted so good.),
    “There’s nothing good about this. This is evil.” You are correct, sir, and that was the whole idea. Muwahaha!

  • TheFavess
    TheFavess 7 days ago

    all these heathens in the comments saying to use mustard for a corndog. burn at the stake witch!

  • Cecily Cook
    Cecily Cook 8 days ago

    I love meat and sweet .... chocolate covered bacon ..... bacon maple bars (donut)

  • Matthew Weatherman
    Matthew Weatherman 8 days ago

    I thought the woman in the first shot was some southern televangelist's wife. (it's the hair mainly)

  • Caelie Cat
    Caelie Cat 8 days ago

    1:20 it's a fucking pluto pup, there's no corn in it.

  • Redneck Canuck
    Redneck Canuck 8 days ago

    I'm not kidding I'd fly from Canada to Ireland to just meet that blonde girl. My God is she ridiculously attractive in every way.

  • Michael Dobson
    Michael Dobson 9 days ago

    The problem with feeding these guys American food is withholding the sauces we use on them which complete them. Never met an American yet who eats a Corn Dog PLAIN, without the yellow mustard. Freaky.

  • the Last Merrill
    the Last Merrill 9 days ago

    Welcome to America where our food is a heart attack away.

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T 10 days ago

    His mouth havin a breakdown