Rise and Greet THE HIGH COUNCIL!!

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
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  • SprayedPaint 9 months ago

    “They slept in separate beds. Checkmate. They’re not gay.”

  • Geek Chorus 9 months ago

    You used one of my High Council photoshops as a thumbnail!!! No suicide today!!!! :D :D :D

  • Geek Chorus 9 months ago

    Uncle Ethan is truly a human sunbeam!! THANKS AGAIN!! Comicsgate is love for all.

  • Gary Wright 9 months ago

    The comment from Frank Oz about theres more to being human than whether you are straight or gay gets to the heart of the matter. To SJW's everything that defines you is your sexuality, skin colour, political views etc.

  • Keith A 9 months ago

    To SJWs, post modernist asshats, and far left psychos all that matters is the power of the group they belong to. They collect power to their group, like a blue haired land whale feminist collects cookies at an all you can eat buffet.

  • Grammar N Word 9 months ago

    Everything's a nail to a hammer

  • Manny Skerret 9 months ago

    That’s no moon, it’s rian Johnson’s head

  • "The abyss of the prequels"...Attack of the Clones made twice as much as Solo did, 16 years ago! Also I got my clearance Dewback today. :D

  • RPD 9 months ago

    BTW, bro, I edited Jessica Cruz's entry on Comic Vine to include you as a creator. It didn't have you listed. You're welcome. ;)

  • JBD 9 months ago

    Wasn’t Rian Johnson on Twitter a few months ago saying something like who would attack Frank Oz? This is when first Oz joined Twitter... well Rian now you know, it’s the people you cater too you round headed buffoon

  • Joab the Javelin 9 months ago

    Mike Zeroh should dissappear at some point because he has to go back in time to give the past, "future Star Wars content".

  • Time isn't linear for Mike. He exists during the past, present and future simultanously

  • elcidS15 9 months ago

    0.o whoa

  • Evan Crissinger 9 months ago

    Ethan,Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a T shirt of the picture for this vid? I love the shot of you 3!So awesome! I love you guys!

  • Jester7 9 months ago

    Are you Bert or Ernie??

  • Evan Crissinger 9 months ago

    @Hishaam Bendiar I know dude! I really do enjoy the three of them as much as if I were watching Leno or Conan

  • Christopher Apodaca 9 months ago

    Haha! Mike Zehro is pure actuality, existing outside of time. Every moment is present to him in the eternal now; for mike there are no past, present, or future instants.

  • elcidS15 9 months ago

    He’s sitting in the center of a black hole like mathew mcconaughey, monitoring history.

  • BladeRunner 9 months ago

    @Dale Stafford lol that's some funny shit...he could totally head a cult.Don't let those innocent doe eyes fool you.Man with a PLAN! :D