[MV] MOMOLAND(모모랜드) _ I'm So Hot

  • Published on:  3/20/2019
  • [MV] MOMOLAND(모모랜드) _ I'm So Hot*English subtitles are now available. :D(Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function)[Notice] 1theK YouTube is also an official channel for the MV, and music shows will count the views from this channel too.MOMOLAND, which had the best year in 2018 with its mega hit songs ‘BBoom BBoom’ and ‘BAAM’, makes a grand comeback with the fifth mini album ‘Show Me’. Title track ‘I’m So Hot’ describes literally me who is ‘So Hot’ in a ‘Fun-Fun’ way. The song expressed the insider’s life of hot MOMOLAND always with a lot of attention at the center using the flexible lyrics in a cute and playful manner. :: iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/album/show-m...#MOMOLAND#모모랜드#Im_So_hot#NEWRELEASE#MV#1theK#원더케이▶1theK Originals : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqq-...▶1theK FB : http://www.facebook.com/1theK▶1theK TW : https://twitter.com/1theK▶1theK Kakao : https://goo.gl/otRpZc


  • worldwide handsome
    worldwide handsome 1 months ago+2322

    Everyone say it together: Women aren't object's! #respectmomoland

  • Banana Revolution
    Banana Revolution yesterday+104

    To cheer up merries
    We achieved something really big
    BBoom BBoom is the most viewed girl group mv outside the big3

  • Phuc Quang
    Phuc Quang 2 days ago+45

    50M! Fighting Merries❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  • Alexi loves pink
    Alexi loves pink yesterday+63

    Who's here after momolands chiri chiri teaser pictures?

  • Crong Crong
    Crong Crong 7 days ago+373

    Not a fan of momoland but this part her vocal 0:39 - 0:49 was so lit. Love it 😍

  • ZHEKE Official
    ZHEKE Official 5 months ago+16766

    Hater's wil say its Bboom Bboom 3.0

  • lucija ivanović
    lucija ivanović yesterday+23

    Blink and Once is here, I'm here to stream Momoland MVs, Let's go Merries! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Streammm

  • forgettingjoy
    forgettingjoy yesterday+17

    Dont worry momoland etc fandoms will protect you from hater

  • Canción de los celulares de juguete

    ONCE support MOMOLAND, Fighting Merries ❤

  • Army that blinked once
    Army that blinked once 14 days ago+367

    Momoland doesn't deserve all the hate they get and that's the tea everyone

  • akii akii
    akii akii 5 months ago+5787

    Momoland: makes entirely different song

  • Girl Group Cult
    Girl Group Cult 14 days ago+213

    momoland deserves so much better than all the unnecessery hate :(

  • TZUyu NAyeon MIna TWICEKO

    Who loves Momoland?
    1 like = 1 Love/Merrie
    Merries just ignore the haters.


    this how many internasional fans supporting MOMOLAND
    👇 (OMG THANK YOU FOR 173👍

  • minungtey
    minungtey yesterday+11

    to unknown defender:
    Pls defend momoland WITHOUT braging any group/soloist down

  • Honeyfa Nor
    Honeyfa Nor 5 months ago+2377

    My grandma heard this while I play it and she told me to replay it coz she likes it. Kudos to you Momoland. Thanks for making my grandma happy.

  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung 21 days ago+367

    H- having
    A- anger
    T- towards
    E- everyone
    R- reaching
    S- success
    oww yeaah buuurn baby😎💜

    BTS TAE 2 days ago+14

    Lets Support MOMOLAND!
    NO BASH!

  • Hikari's Dream Kawaii
    Hikari's Dream Kawaii 3 days ago+97

    I don't know why this girls have Soo many haters... They don't deserve to be hate..
    they deserve to be loved <3

  • MMLD ot9
    MMLD ot9 7 days ago+185

    September 50M
    October 60M
    November 70M
    We can do this together