“Beauty and the Curse” from “Beyond the Castle: Stories Inspired by Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’"

  • Published on:  3/17/2017
  • Walt Disney Studios partnered with Young Storytellers and Tongal to give four talented kids the chance to create the series “Beyond the Castle: Stories Inspired by Beauty and the Beast”. The first film, “Beauty and the Curse”, explores how The Enchantress found herself cursed long before her fateful encounter with Prince Adam. Written by Tamara Sims (based on her short story “Changing Ways”) and directed by Maya Rudolph.


  • Leah Jay
    Leah Jay 2 years ago+3


  • Urstruly, Mi
    Urstruly, Mi 2 years ago+6

    Um... Bad examples for children. Don't help a creepy stranger in need.

  • GeekVids
    GeekVids 2 years ago+11

    I just saw beauty and the beast!!! It was phenomenal!!!
    It is now my favorite Disney movie I've ever seen!!!!

  • Joseph
    Joseph 2 years ago+9

    i'm gonna be honest...the story isn't very well written. how are magic powers a curse? how come the prince became a beast, but the enchantress didn't? is passing on the curse just finding another mean person?

  • Marichat Alexandra Agreste

    today i am going to see Beauty and the Beast in the cine 💘🎀💗💓💕💞💝❤💟💖💐✨🐞🐱

  • ILoveMusic
    ILoveMusic 2 years ago

    what is this? It looks like a school play

  • Nora Farhoud
    Nora Farhoud 2 years ago+1

    where can i find th full movie??
    please someone answer

  • Cosmic._kisses
    Cosmic._kisses 2 years ago+1

    Yes I love this

  • LuLu Bell
    LuLu Bell 2 years ago+6

    That was pretty cute. I love this tale, and those children did a wonderful job!!

  • Jenny Haokip
    Jenny Haokip 5 months ago

    Wer can i get the full video

  • ejsbxbeia skd
    ejsbxbeia skd 2 years ago+4

    jeez this is for kids stop getting so worked up

  • ViV Violetta
    ViV Violetta 2 years ago

    So awesome 👏 👌❤️️👌😊

  • christina koam
    christina koam 2 years ago

    I'm going to see it this Monday

  • fabianabrelen awx
    fabianabrelen awx 2 years ago+5

    alguien que hable español y que escriba en ingles

  • Jason Solano
    Jason Solano 2 years ago+1

    That explains a lot

  • Mira
    Mira 2 years ago

    I thought the first kid said a tale of love a tale of meth

  • Wapikachu 1st gen
    Wapikachu 1st gen 2 years ago

    Malaysian cant relate watching beauty and the beast

  • gabi acham
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  • John Hart
    John Hart 2 years ago+4

    omg, this is so adorable! bravo kids 👏❤😊😄😁

  • Ignacio Lazuli
    Ignacio Lazuli 2 years ago