Alexa invades the living room

  • Published on:  7/11/2018
  • So how can we get Alexa into our living rooms? Over the past six months, tech companies have been battling it out to connect digital assistants to your TV. Homepod, Google Max, and the Sonos Beam bring quality sound, while the Fire TV Cube and Amazon's Echo and Dot just want to make our TVs work with voice. In this episode of Processor, Dieter walks us through our options to add Alexa onto our TV. Subscribe: The Verge on Facebook: on Twitter: on Instagram: More: http://www.theverge.comCommunity guidelines: to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science:


  • The Verge
    The Verge  a years ago+36

    What's your ideal smart assistant living room setup?

  • siddharth radhakrishnan
    siddharth radhakrishnan a years ago+55

    This is the best series. And you're the best man !!

  • Brandon Miniman
    Brandon Miniman a years ago+94

    Agree this series is world-class. Bravo, Dieter.

  • TheodorZE
    TheodorZE a years ago+15

    Hard work pays off. Those two mio. subscribers are just there because you guys keep on producing quality content. Every "new" host we see on this channel fits perfect. Thank you!

  • The Masters Tech
    The Masters Tech a years ago+22

    Thank you dieter, amazing video

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    Love this series Dieter, your work is great. The Verge deserve the 2 millions hits! Keep it up!

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    Tinashe Togara a years ago+6

    No, Thank you Dieter and the team

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    Ethan Fawson a years ago

    This is hands down my favorite series on YouTube. Keep it up!

  • Movie matics
    Movie matics a years ago+8

    As always a legit and helpful video 👍🏾 I don't have an Alexa but I considered getting one.

  • Ashwin Shaji
    Ashwin Shaji a years ago+3

    I was waiting for the “You activated my Alexa” comment.
    Damn. 😒 Missed Opportunity.

  • Badar Shahzad
    Badar Shahzad a years ago+2

    THANKYOUUUUUUU for understanding the plight of owning an echo and watching a video about it

  • Akmal Nishanov
    Akmal Nishanov a years ago

    Hey thanks for not triggering my Alexa! Subscribed 👍

  • US
    US a years ago

    They need more Wake Words, or allow you to customize your own.
    Had to change from “Alexa” due to so many tv programs and youtubers using it casually.
    “Echo” is a mild alternative.

  • Eric Fullerton
    Eric Fullerton a years ago

    I love the "Lexa' trick, hadn't thought of that before. :)

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    Nabiel Steita a years ago

    Really nice video, I love how you film The products very nice quality, keep up the good work 👌

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips a years ago

    Alexa Bliss is the new WWE women's champion.
    It just ordered my a WWE women's champion replica belt.

  • Jaxter
    Jaxter a years ago

    My echo dot was triggered when he said "Lexa buy toilet paper" 😅

  • Nils / Slini11
    Nils / Slini11 a years ago+1

    I neither have a Alex etc. nor a TV - poor student-life :'D.

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    James C a years ago+9

    good chat, nice vid.

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    Now that you guys hit 2 million subs. Now collab with Vox channel Deiter. Cmon man it's been overdue. You guys both produce good video, your collab would be stellar