Wakey Wakey...

  • Published on:  9/13/2018


  • 24 Frames Of Nick 9 months ago

    I’ve never been so hyped to have nightmares

  • Sara Riebli an hour ago

    Me too!

  • Leaf Boi 2 days ago


  • resarious 18 days ago

    *patiently waits for June 19th/20th*Edit: HOW DID THIS GET 1.2K LIKES I-

  • jose trejos 52 minutes ago


  • hunter johnson a minute ago

    resarious it’s tomorrow now man I’m so hyped

  • ugly bear 10 days ago

    Fans; how much more time until it'll release?Dhmis; yes

  • Almond Joy 5 hours ago

    I think June 20

  • @King Max76 well I think its coming on June 19

  • wopo powo 17 days ago

    no one:dhmis: **wakey wakey**everyone: yay but what the hell


  • Lisa Ross 10 hours ago

    I’m reading this on June 18th...

  • Dont hug me im scared: "wakey wakey" Also dont hug me in scared: "five more years"

  • Woody The Pooh 3 hours ago

    @Jacob Schultz ya

  • Jacob Schultz 5 hours ago

    @Harrison T I swear if this channel is dry tomorrow I will cry

  • Zifra Gondorf | LLN 9 months ago

    *I thought we agreed to never be creative again*

  • 42 Cubing an hour ago

    @Gyga-Byte Gaming Mine is waiting for the new dhmis to be released

  • Super Soup  10 days ago

    the TONY channel (music starts playing) He said that because in the first episode of dhmis we said to never be creative again!

  • Byemax 11 days ago

    "Don't hug me .I'm scared" comes back[Everyone liked that]

  • Mr PizzaCat 13 hours ago

    I don’t like that I’m terrified!!! *secretly checks to see if the notification bell is still on*

  • Iliass Gamer 2 days ago

    Maybe in 3 days june the 19th

  • Lilly_Fur Ever 9 hours ago

    Tomorrow it’s going be June 19 I’m excited*Edit: wth 29 likes!?!? That was quick 😂*

  • Philip Berrong 38 minutes ago


  • Hunty Is Here a minute ago


  • Gio Gio's 16 days ago

    Me: Wow, look a trailerMy friend: Digital styleDHMIS: Do a digital dancing, hey, this is fun

  • Garbage Disposal 3 days ago

    Ages of fun

  • Jessica Rowan 4 days ago

    Digital style

  • Juicy Goosy 17 days ago

    I’m just gonna wait for a new video to be published June 19/20

  • Juicy Goosy 2 hours ago

    SAM I AM i like cows can’t wait!!!

  • GoodAvacado29 2 hours ago