Hammer with Collated Nail Dispenser - Michael Young patent pending

  • Published on:  4/18/2017
  • Thanks all for checking out my video! I didn’t actually intend for this to be viewed by more than a few people when I made it, I sent it as an unlisted link to a potential buyer. (So basically, excuse how long and boring it is) -- I spent 6 years and went through 11 completely different functional variations trying to get this to work! When I finally had a breakthrough (miracle from the Lord) and got it to what I felt was a manufacturable and durable form, I got a provisional patent (paid a lawyer $1200 to walk me through writing it myself) and then I sent it to all the major tool companies in the US. There was serious interest from two of the big ones, I got a big offer to purchase the IP from one, but then the person I was working with left the company right before signing, their department was being purchased and downsized, and after a year of slow discussion and changing hands they retracted their offer stating they weren't in a place to be taking on new projects like this. A provisional patent gives you 1 year to show an idea essentially before you need to pay for a whole patent, around 13k (not including international). The end of the year and the retraction of their offer came at the same time within a few days, I decided it was time to let it rest. I didn't want to invest the 13k to maintain my patent or 6k (estimate) to make a metal prototype and move it forward with my own money.

    I’m a race car and product designer by trade, so I am in the practice of creating new things and letting many of them go : ) Thankfully after I let it go for a year this video all of a sudden got some attention, sparking tons of articles and features on other youtube accounts! Since then I have had numerous companies and individuals reach out with interest. I am currently working with a large tool brand to prototype a brand new version of this with entirely new mechanics and a new target market. Stay posted!

    Here’s to more ideas and future inventions for us all!
    My portfolio: www.coroflot.com/michaelyoung

    Thanks to Terry Birchler at Zukun Plan for helping to sponsor many of these 3D prints on their printers and for telling me to go for it! Zukun.com