Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5

  • Published on:  10/14/2015
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  • Quiggity Quagsire
    Quiggity Quagsire 3 years ago+5633

    This was uniquely horrifying compared to the others.

  • KittiesPlayz WithWolves
    KittiesPlayz WithWolves 3 months ago+872

    Oh look! Theres Mr. Bladder in the basement!

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 2 months ago+401

    I unofficially dub this episode:
    "We don't talk about this one."

  • ?Weird Animates¿
    ?Weird Animates¿ 28 days ago+334

    Red Guy: "So imma just go"
    Everybody: Goes Insane

  • Sailør Møøn
    Sailør Møøn 2 months ago+471

    Meat: *pokes ducks body* it's your body
    Duck: *looks at meat up and down* GEt OfF mE

  • rockoperajon
    rockoperajon 4 months ago+3197

    Episodes 1-4: We’re pretty disturbing, huh?
    Episode 5: Hold my beer.

  • steponkus čeponas
    steponkus čeponas 2 months ago+170

    The moral is:
    Everything makes your teeth go gray

  • bartomeu plomer ginel
    bartomeu plomer ginel 2 months ago+590

    2:43 -When the phone rings, red guy is trying to comunicate with them and , at the same time, the meat guy says "do it help me" instead of "healthy"

  • Fire and The flame
    Fire and The flame 1 months ago+56

    Oh no *stabs body thing* looks it’s all broken and on the floor
    *S T O M P S*

  • Andrew Purcell
    Andrew Purcell 2 months ago+163

    me before watching this video
    Me: Oh boy I love this canned duck! I wonder how it’s made?
    watches this video
    Me:............ I will never eat again.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 3 years ago+4132

    I really miss spaghetti man. He was easily my favorite character

  • Faustice
    Faustice 2 months ago+306

    If you pause at just the right time at around 4:02, you can see Roy peaking over the wall.

  • ImmortalxDemonX
    ImmortalxDemonX 2 months ago+80

    gordon ramsay hell's kitchen
    Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5: hold my beer

  • Taha Hamzaoui
    Taha Hamzaoui 2 months ago+118

    finally im not the only one that's affraid from going to full screen.

  • VM-Milky -Dud
    VM-Milky -Dud 3 months ago+438

    So, from what I've gathered (and this was 4 years ago.)
    When the characters realize the reality, they don't get noticed by the teachers and only pay attention to those who don't realize it yet. The red guy and the duck already realized what's going on, and left the yellow kid all alone.

  • Rollo
    Rollo 4 months ago+780

    I was eating spaghetti

  • redskeletonart2
    redskeletonart2 2 months ago+99

    First time I saw this I almost cried when yellow guy was all alone and stuffed... needless to say, I was very attached to mr duck.

  • awesomeandyb
    awesomeandyb 3 months ago+85

    2% of the comments: This was suprisingly terrifying.
    18% of comments: This episode's memes
    80% of comments: G R E E N I S N O T A C R E A T I V E C O L O R

  • M î ĺ ķ Ť ë å Ğ Ĺ Î Ť Č H

    Full screens
    2 mins later
    .... omg this is terrifying

  • Hirotaka shigeru
    Hirotaka shigeru 2 months ago+77

    Brain: Let's rewatch DHMIS
    Me: yeaaaaahhhh
    After this Episode
    Me: B A D I D E A