I have a confession.



  • Colleen Ballinger
    Colleen Ballinger 3 months ago+13745

    Bacon is trash.

  • TaliTV
    TaliTV 4 hours ago

    I am vegetarian and I don't like bacon and im a youtuber

  • Luck310455
    Luck310455 7 hours ago

    I thought that this video was serious 😂😂. My mistake 😂

  • Rachel Frumkin
    Rachel Frumkin 6 days ago

    You guys that was some good click bait.

  • Addison S
    Addison S 6 days ago

    Please do a collaboration with James Charles

  • Bayleigh Wiggins
    Bayleigh Wiggins 6 days ago

    I hate bacon to

    DAZZLER DAZ 12 days ago

    To be honest if I'd only ever eaten american/streaky bacon I would dislike it too 😎

  • Ramsher Felix
    Ramsher Felix 13 days ago

    They somehow trademarked "Let's talk about that" which has been said before the invention of the English language.

  • CEO Ryan
    CEO Ryan 16 days ago

    1:01 Notice that they're subbed to themselves

  • Harper Clarkson
    Harper Clarkson 17 days ago

    dave grohl who? i only know rhett mclaughlin

  • Xander Fishy
    Xander Fishy 17 days ago

    *adds 'chocolate urine' to my internet search*

  • Brett Saunders
    Brett Saunders 17 days ago+3

    Anyone come here from LTAT?

  • Vanessa Graves
    Vanessa Graves 17 days ago

    forreal bacon isn't good though

  • Michelle Emery
    Michelle Emery 17 days ago


  • Minna G.
    Minna G. 19 days ago

    i searched are rhett and link gay and i got this
    (i didn't actually think they were gay i know they have children -.-)

  • Kitty Phyrie
    Kitty Phyrie 21 days ago

    I hate bacon too

  • Parker And friends
    Parker And friends 23 days ago

    I love this video!

  • Morgan Maynard
    Morgan Maynard 27 days ago


  • Papa Xan
    Papa Xan 29 days ago


  • Harry Todhunter
    Harry Todhunter 1 months ago

    Its really wierd that Link is actually called Charles Lincoln Neal,III