70th Emmy Nominees: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

  • Published on:  8/30/2018
  • The Nominees for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series are Lena Headey, Vanessa Kirby, Ann Dowd, Thandie Newton, Millie Bobby Brown, Alexis Bledel and Yvonne Strahovski.


  • mc a_a
    mc a_a 3 months ago

    Ann Dowd's win is well deserved, but Lena H should take the win next year for the season finale of GOT!

  • M Chaney
    M Chaney 3 months ago

    Lena Headey= a league of her own.

  • Eduardo Hostert
    Eduardo Hostert 3 months ago

    Millie Bobby Brown's performance is unbelievable for her age, but I think is not enough for an Emmy nomination, YET

  • Eduardo Hostert
    Eduardo Hostert 3 months ago

    Vanessa Kirby should have won, her performance was great! Especially that scene when she is drunk and she gets crazy, you kinda can feel what she's going through

  • sujudolls
    sujudolls 3 months ago

    She should've won!!

  • Jesus FiscAlía
    Jesus FiscAlía 4 months ago+1


  • Gavin48
    Gavin48 4 months ago

    Kirby or Newton

  • Gabi's art
    Gabi's art 4 months ago

    Well hey, if the actresses that you rooted for don't win at the Emmy's there's always the Golden Globes.

  • Bourbia Nasro
    Bourbia Nasro 4 months ago

    Alexis Bledel FOR SURE

  • Mr. U
    Mr. U 4 months ago

    Ann Dowd or Lena Headey

  • Maor Alev
    Maor Alev 4 months ago+2

    Yvonne Strahovski

  • Imran shaikh
    Imran shaikh 4 months ago+1

    The whole Lannister house has been nominated. The Lannister send their regards.

  • Lexie O.
    Lexie O. 4 months ago+3

    Yvonne’s performance is flawless. She took Serena to another level.

  • Doxford Perlas
    Doxford Perlas 4 months ago

    Vanessa Kirby or Lena Headey P L E A S E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D 4 months ago

    Lena has the best performance but what Thandie did throughout all of season 2 of Westworld was amazing "take my heart when you go" i dont know y'all, this is tough

  • Ericka Borras
    Ericka Borras 4 months ago


  • Alex Rau
    Alex Rau 4 months ago

    Lena and Vanessa, lets go!!!!!

  • abdalminator
    abdalminator 4 months ago+1

    i thought Millie Bobby was a lead?

  • Amy W
    Amy W 4 months ago+2

    Yvonne for the win!! But Ann Down is amazing as well

  • Munirah Jahari
    Munirah Jahari 4 months ago+3

    Yvonne Strahovski. Period 🙌🏼