Dressing Like Disney Characters For A Day

  • Published on:  5/11/2019
  • So for a long time I have seen other people "disneybound", aka dress up as a disney-character-inspired-outfit. So I decided to try my hand at this style challenge and pick a disney villain and a sidekick for Tyler and I to dress up as. How do you think we did??Safiya's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajnFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/Check out our merch here: https://fiendsbysaf.com/If your size is sold out, sign up for email updates!MUSICVia AudioNetworkAssistant Editor: Claire WileyGraphics: Nathan Procell


  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  3 months ago+21985

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i appreciate you taking a little break from your tea to come watch this very unrelated, silly little video! i've always wanted to try disneybounding, so we did!! what do you think of our final outfits?? xoxo, saf

  • Melanchøly Mangø
    Melanchøly Mangø 1 months ago+1457

    But doesn’t Safiya disney bound as maleficent everyday

  • Amber Rodriguez
    Amber Rodriguez 2 months ago+2298

    Tyler: flirts with a plastic bird
    Saf: "Should I be jealous?"

  • Bloop!! Blop!!!
    Bloop!! Blop!!! 2 months ago+654

    Saf: starts naming maleficent things
    Me once she was done: WHAT ABOUT THE SLEEVES?!?!??

  • Eclipse Wolfy
    Eclipse Wolfy 2 months ago+208

    You should of done Lilo and stitch!! It would of been sooooo cute!

  • coaldustcanary
    coaldustcanary 3 months ago+2048

    Saf: " no clear companion to maleficent "
    Me, an intellectual: Tyler deserves to be aurora

  • ThePatalat
    ThePatalat 2 months ago+360

    I wholeheartedly want to see Safiya try full scale Cosplay

  • No. You.
    No. You. 2 months ago+538

    Me: Casually drinking tea
    Hot Jafar: Exists 8:14 - 8:17
    My gay ass: Chokes on tea

  • Lil UnicornGaming
    Lil UnicornGaming 2 months ago+133


  • Rili M
    Rili M 2 months ago+131

    And apparently Jafar is H○T now
    That was probably my favorite part... she said is so seriously too

  • Becca Shron
    Becca Shron 3 months ago+12167

    You should recreate MET Gala looks on a budget and/or casual versions!!

  • allshookup1640
    allshookup1640 2 months ago+156

    Actually Snow White’s prince is Prince Florian :)
    Prince Charming is Cinderella’s Prince ♥️😊

  • Erin Ross
    Erin Ross 21 days ago+29

    I love the way Safiya talks! She's so articulate.

  • SlayinDaGame 425
    SlayinDaGame 425 2 months ago+139

    I’m related to the voice of the parrot from Aladdin. He is my grandpas step brother

  • ?
    ? 1 months ago+49

    Tyler *stares at acrylic parrot intensely
    Also Tyler- I’m trying to get it on
    Safiya- should I be jealous?

  • Kelsey Figueroa
    Kelsey Figueroa 3 months ago+2302

    How many people want this to be a series

  • NerdyArtist
    NerdyArtist 2 months ago+49

    Safiya: you will buy churros and marry me to the princess
    Me: so Tyler is the princess?

  • Senior pantalones
    Senior pantalones 1 months ago+44

    I just had a great idea, what if Safiya dresses as yizma Tyler dressed a kronk from the emperors new groove.

  • Amanda Lockridge
    Amanda Lockridge 28 days ago+18

    "Character that has a clear romantic interest" And Scar is still on the page- Thaaaat was a funny moment.

  • Rose tinted Glass
    Rose tinted Glass 2 months ago+70

    "A golden bag. Not a lamp, but it's quilted."
    - Safiya Nygaard