Cute Couple - Greg and Elodie

  • Published on:  5/28/2014
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  • You must Love Bts!
    You must Love Bts! 14 days ago+90

    Almost 100 million!!

  • Mirella Elliott
    Mirella Elliott 4 years ago+2517

    How many people are actually just here cause there single asf lol?...

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    We all know they smashed in the shower
    اللي خايف من ربنا يعمل لايك

    DIANA SORILLA 7 months ago+68

    So are they still together? Jan 2019? 😂

  • نجوم الليل نجوم الليل

    الي يخاف الله والنبي يحط لايك

  • برنسي حلوشه
    برنسي حلوشه 1 months ago+178

    الي يخاف م̷ـــِْن •اللّـہ̣̥ لٱ يدخل ع هيج مقاطع

  • امجد الكتلوني
    امجد الكتلوني 6 months ago+103

    الي جاي يباوع ويكضيها بس حسرات يجق لايك 😂😂

  • Arijeet Patra
    Arijeet Patra 5 months ago+16

    That's a good pair love makes makes people unite with each other

  • طه الانصاري
    طه الانصاري 2 months ago+60

    اعلم ..ان الله مطلع عليك فأستحي ان يراك حيث نهاك..

  • Emily Gonzalez
    Emily Gonzalez 8 months ago+370

    Where is my single asf squad at?

  • Fizan Hider
    Fizan Hider 2 months ago+6

    I love you too Sabrina in my heart ❣ Sabrina i love you too Sweetheart friend I love you too......💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Emilee Grace
    Emilee Grace 5 months ago+122

    99.9% of comments are people literally just talking about how lonely they are

  • justice is served
    justice is served 5 months ago+42

    Channels got only 1 video, been dead for 4 years but somehow has almost half a mil subs😶

  • islamic islamic
    islamic islamic 5 months ago+9

    So cute movement I love my hasbend romantic h

  • suzanne love
    suzanne love 2 months ago+2

    This. Video reminds me of me and my boyfriend cuddling all the time this I feel inside of me and my heart I want to make love to my boyfriend in that way I want to spend rest of my life with him my boyfriend is my soulmate And my whole world I can't not live with out him he is my everything I love him very much

  • HACK 007
    HACK 007 2 days ago

    Melhor sensação do planeta estratosférico da terra ♥️😍

  • The β Version
    The β Version 7 days ago+1


  • Punit Tyagi
    Punit Tyagi 5 months ago+6

    lovely moment hum b ease hi h

  • Mohmd Bb
    Mohmd Bb 8 months ago+8

    أستغفر آلله وأتوب إليه اللهم تب علينا وعلى المسلمين يارب العالمين اخواني واخواتي رعاكم الله لاتنسوا الموت وتوبوا الى الله

  • Alex Starc
    Alex Starc 7 months ago+11

    I really don't like ending this video,wanna keep watching....