• Published on:  6/14/2019
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  • Felicity KR
    Felicity KR 2 months ago+1810

    "If I can make someone happy why wouldn't I do it for them" is my new life motto

  • Matt Rappaport
    Matt Rappaport 2 months ago+1272

    Lorraine: It was just a prank, he’s crazy!
    David Dobrik: My ex wife knows me SO WELL!

  • Brooke Allison
    Brooke Allison 2 months ago+859

    Do u guys think they will go to court for custody for jason?😩😭😭😭😭😭😭so sadd

  • brittney porter
    brittney porter 2 months ago+1138

    You mom is the cutest,sweetest and kindest woman alive. Love you Jason.💕

  • Yasmine Khan
    Yasmine Khan 2 months ago+630

    Jeff: You ordered two sandwiches from same place?
    David: No
    Jeff: It must be nice to be rich

  • Amanda Lowe
    Amanda Lowe 2 months ago+788

    Lorraine is literally the most wholesome, sweet woman on YouTube. Love her!

  • Hannah Hannah Music
    Hannah Hannah Music 2 months ago+682

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    He marry friend's mom for youtube reacc

  • Michael Burry
    Michael Burry 2 months ago+744

    Just that she was such a sport to do it for the vlog makes me love this woman even more. 😍💙 She's such a treasure.

  • walshy 24
    walshy 24 2 months ago+824

    Jason Nash here reporting with TMZ with the exclusive on David and Lorraine🤣🤣

  • likemydripTV
    likemydripTV 2 months ago+330

    Jason: "Hobbs has some eye boogers, sorry"
    Hobbs: *has river of drool falling out of his mouth^

  • Waki Siffredi
    Waki Siffredi 2 months ago+133

    11:30 Wyatt looks so much like his Grand Dad David Dobrik, with the hair and glasses

  • Miklos A.R.
    Miklos A.R. 2 months ago+308

    Natalie: no one come over for 24 hrs.
    Thats david and natalie time.

  • Abigail
    Abigail 2 months ago+117

    I admire Ms. Nash for being so strong in this painful time. Break ups are hard and she's a big inspiration for me.

  • Agon's Vlogs
    Agon's Vlogs 2 months ago+129

    Lorraine: You get into a point in life when money doesn't matter.
    Omg she always drops gems, every squad needs a pep-talker like her. <3

    TOASTER WEEKLY DIGEST INC. 2 months ago+203

    She needs to sue David for alimony- if for no other reason to make him panic. We need some vlogs where David isn't the tormentor. 🤣❤️

  • Erica Mango
    Erica Mango 2 months ago+140

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who was bummed when Jason's mom and David announced their divorce? I'm sad even though I'm impressed they made it a entire month

  • Adam Wallace
    Adam Wallace 2 months ago+208

    In 2040 Wyatt is going to be the biggest hollywood producer and win a Grammy & Oscar for best original score.

  • Kevin Vanity
    Kevin Vanity 2 months ago+135

    I'm just glad you and Trisha never got married

  • Laina Rae
    Laina Rae 2 months ago+237

    I love how you’re such a genuine person. I think that’s why I enjoy watching you. You’re so real

  • Macayla Smith
    Macayla Smith 2 months ago+217

    She is so sweet "If I could make someone happy why wouldn't I?"