NFL Opens Season With Nasty Surprise For Nike & Kaepernick, Humiliates Them Both

  • Published on:  9/7/2018
  • NFL Opens Season With Nasty Surprise For Nike & Kaepernick, Humiliates Them Both On Thursday night, the NFL opened its 99th season with a nasty surprise for Colin Kaepernick and Nik... #NFL#Opens#Season#With#Nasty#Surprise#For#Nike#Kaepernick#Humiliates#Them#Both


  • Patriot
    Patriot 11 months ago+61

    I will never ever watch another NFL game or buy a Nike product, they have shown there true patriotic Anti American colors.

  • Larry Kraut
    Larry Kraut 11 months ago+39

    I think I may go out and buy nike, then return nike. Most retailers do not put returned items back on the shelf!

  • Debra Womack
    Debra Womack 11 months ago+579

    I just returned a pair of Nike shoes to the store. I complained that they hurt my feet when I stand for the National Anthem.

  • Earnest T Bass
    Earnest T Bass 11 months ago+58

    I gave up the NE Patriots!! The money I'll save,,,, time to👀

  • Robert Vongartzen
    Robert Vongartzen 11 months ago+61

    Im not spending thousands of dollars on NFL season tickets and air fare anymore, and Nike sport foot wear anymore and work out shirts, hell l already saved a ton on money, now I'm looking forward to more vacations, and now I've taking up baseball as my sport of choice.

  • pipercat10
    pipercat10 11 months ago+299

    Not watching the NFL and I never wear Nike shit period ! Gonna get a lot of stuff done on the house this fall ! Who needs the NFL ?

  • The common Man
    The common Man 11 months ago+382

    Kaepernick Will go down in NFL history, as the most hated player and for trashing the NFL reputation. I haven't watched a game since 2016 and I never will. AND my FLAG is proudly displayed in my front yard.

  • Seahawks Tom tom
    Seahawks Tom tom 11 months ago+7

    Kappernick is such a victim. The poor poor baby.

  • Greg Keener
    Greg Keener 11 months ago+256

    Caperdick was offered a contract with the broncos and turned it down so he could keep playing the victim card!!!!!

  • Joyce Thompson
    Joyce Thompson 11 months ago+28

    Fire the 2 that sat down...really send a message!

  • tewsplace
    tewsplace 11 months ago+7

    I haven't watched football since this crap started, and will not be buying my grandsons any more Nike products.

  • dennis garcia
    dennis garcia 11 months ago+28

    NFL should sue Kaepernick for being a FAKE QTR BACK

  • Manuel G Chapa Jr
    Manuel G Chapa Jr 11 months ago+119

    When you have 10 nfl players kneeling and 80,000 Fans Booing! You do not have a Movement!!! Dr King had a Movement and had the American Flag at every March. And Started every rally with PRAYER!!! And we are all still MARCHING!!!

  • Iris Eddy
    Iris Eddy 11 months ago+291


  • rkt.smokey3
    rkt.smokey3 11 months ago+42

    Good!! We are boycotting both the station and the NFL!!!

  • Aaron Phelps
    Aaron Phelps 11 months ago+174

    Not to mention that NIKE uses child labor.

  • stephanie allen
    stephanie allen  11 months ago+4

    Remember when an American flag was on every Jersey? Need to go back to that.

  • Joyce Thompson
    Joyce Thompson 11 months ago+240

    Definition of racism..NFL maybe 90% that's racism.

  • Bill Limpert
    Bill Limpert 11 months ago+7

    I also took back my nike 212 double pumpers. New and in box. The salesperson said why are you returning these? Well they hurt my feet when I stand for the national anthem! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  • Phil Rion
    Phil Rion 11 months ago+255

    I do believe in something. I believe that Kaeperscum is a POS , and now so is Nike. Bennet and that other moron just joined the ranks !