The Lamborghini Diablo Was the Craziest Car of the 1990s

  • Published on:  6/8/2017
  • GO READ MY COLUMN HERE! Lamborghini Diablo was the craziest car of the 1990s, with wild styling and some really strange Italian quirks. Here's a review of the Lamborghini Diablo that shows off its unique traits and driving experience.FOLLOW ME!Facebook - - -


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  • manbearpigonabike 5 months ago

    The owner is having a hard time with not being the center of attention lol

  • Danny Seville 2 days ago

    It is really distracting having that other voice in the background.

  • NIGGER IN THE CHAT 2 months ago

    @SuburbanHobbyist In some sense he is talking to both, he looks over at him sometimes and says something to him.

  • 「VΞNOM」 2 months ago

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  • Sebas Fajardo 13 days ago

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  • Aatumies87 4 months ago

    This is the 2001 diabloCraziest car of 1990

  • Ed P 1 months ago

    Lamborghini Diablo. The Lamborghini Diablo is a high-performance mid-engine sports car that was built by Italian automotive manufacturer Lamborghini between 1990 and 2001. It is the first production Lamborghini capable of attaining a top speed in excess of 320 kilometres per hour (200 mph). SO THEY MADE THIS BETWEEN 90 & 01.

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  • dbpheds 14 days ago

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  • Tom Sturtevant 5 months ago

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  • hardware20x 6 days ago

    @• Phazon013 • He's a reviewer, and the owners know that. You can't properly review a car when you have someone interrupting you every 2 secs. It's annoying for the viewers who came to see a review, not a conversation with the owner. Get it?

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  • getdealtwithquick 5 months ago

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