Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét - MONOPOLY

  • Published on:  4/1/2019
  • a thank u to them fans by: Alfredo Flores & Ricky AlvarezSpecial thanks: Donté Colley


  • Poppy Driver
    Poppy Driver 1 months ago+10799

    Not every music video has to be high budget. It's nice to see more authentic and fun content

  • Lo's Music
    Lo's Music 1 months ago+1207

    Editor: I quit.
    Ari: don’t worry .... downloads IMovie

  • Dan
    Dan 1 months ago+3172

    Director: How many emojis do you want ?
    Ari: YES

  • Kitty Catty Noir
    Kitty Catty Noir 1 months ago+5732

    It's simple
    It's cute
    It's funny
    It's true friendship
    It's perfect
    They're Victoria Monét and Ariana grande 💕💕💕

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi 1 months ago+1803

    for everyone in the world reading this....
    hope you have a fabulous life and you get everything you want in life!

  • Kaylxx
    Kaylxx 1 months ago+6336

    everyone is commenting about how low budget this is. But honestly, it’s really cute and not every music videos has to be super high budget and fancy lmao.

  • Kenya Perry
    Kenya Perry 7 days ago+280

    Did any bond else see Ariana push away trump

  • 「 S u n s h i n e S a p p h i r e 」

    The costs of this music video were just ...
    Friendship, and love

  • Simply Sandra
    Simply Sandra 14 days ago+205

    love how ari yeeted trump off the building.

  • møønsky
    møønsky 14 days ago+210

    this feels like those
    "send this to your best friend without caption" videos
    i love it

  • vadim offi
    vadim offi 3 months ago+10379

    who is better?
    Ariana Grande = likes
    Justin Bieber = comments

  • Michela Bevilacqua
    Michela Bevilacqua 7 days ago+162

    SOMEONE in AUGUST 2019???!!!
    Why I'm always ALONe???!
    Even on YouTube...

  • Pastel• Choco
    Pastel• Choco 7 days ago+218

    My dad was searching for monopoly on google...
    He literally thought this was the monopoly theme song and he said: 'I'll put this on in the background as we play monopoly'
    Yeah he did and he was suprised 🤣

  • Alyssa Fashanu
    Alyssa Fashanu 28 days ago+665

    1:14=I like women and men
    She protecc
    She attacc
    But most important,
    She like different genders of snaccs

  • Kitty Pawz
    Kitty Pawz 28 days ago+398

    “I like woman and men”
    I think your bisexual.

    SOSO STUDIO 4 months ago+10104

    Who is better ?
    Ariana grande =like
    Selena Gomez =comment

  • The LPS Cats
    The LPS Cats 1 months ago+216

    I'd seriously like to see a behind the scenes of this video😂

  • Veah J
    Veah J 21 days ago+122

    Me and my girl group made this our song, it's an anthem

  • NyanCat catastic
    NyanCat catastic yesterday+3

    I like woman and men?... Ari what’s happening?, I love the song

  • ultfxx ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

    ariana grande is a queen