Beware The Sack Man - Scary Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled

  • Published on:  3/5/2019
  • In today's episode, Sapphire tells the tale of a young girl who encounters the Bubak, a scarecrow who eats children...Send Us Your Scary Stories at: SomethingScary@snarled.comIf you love what Sapphire wore in the episode, check out the links below:Kat Von D Trooper Black Eyeliner Obsession - Von D Saint Lipstick + Fragrance Travel Duo - Ring - Sapphire Needs In Her Life:Target Women's Stranger Things T-Shirt - Topic BlackCraft Mesh Hoodie - Geek Un-Happy Hour Skirt - Topic Black Sheep T-Shirt - Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick - Online Only Swear By It Shadow Palette - Allan Poe Deluxe Notecard Set with Keepsake Box -'s IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy - Cintiq - and Morty Space Monster Backpack - Sapphire uses:Panasonic Lumix camera - lavalier mic - for teleprompter - App - SapphireTwitch: https://www.sapphiresandalo.comFollow us EVERYWHERE


  • JustLivinLife 3 months ago

    I misread it as “Snack Man” at first

  • lightningwolf15 2 hours ago

    @Virtual Tea *shet*

  • Denisse Ordonez 14 hours ago


  • Potatoes Army 1 months ago

    *Beware of the Bubak..*Me: beware of the duck?

  • SillyRaptor101 2 days ago

    A duck is always watching

  • Jocelyn Schultz 2 days ago


  • Emily: omg a sack man stay safeLucia: oMg sTaHp pRaNkInG mE Lol

  • The LoL at the end actually got me!!! XD

  • no 9 days ago

    @Green Fork Restaurant well that's not unusual since Emily is a basic name

  • Eva Kuykendall 2 months ago

    *hears baby crying from inside room* Me: EHEHEHEHEHE BYE*jumps out window*

  • Lancy Gl 8 days ago

    @Kitty Sakuraba no no you did it wrong u need to say Nothing personal kid

  • Kitty Sakuraba 9 days ago

    Lancy Gl *to the scarecrow* Um, excuse me? What are you doing here? There’s no children here. Move along now!

  • EMILY GARCIA 1 months ago

    Little girl: I am old enough to watch myself.Me: ok go look at a mirror

  • Mrytle Romilly 6 days ago

    same first of all, I doubt I would've really been capable of doing that for more then like half a day at age 12

  • Jupiter 3 months ago

    He ataccHe protteccBut most importantly...He carry you in his sacc

  • SillyRaptor101 2 days ago

    Your dad?

  • JacobTheKoala 2 days ago


  • ZiakariAnimations 3 months ago

    This is why kids can't say they can take care of themselves. Her mom:she can handle herself. Girl:*FRICK!*First time I got this many likes wow! Thanks people who's scrolling down the comments!

  • Lulu Sprks 8 days ago

    Olivia Sparkles it’s a horror story the number was fitting but I do not worship Satan

  • Orange Cat 8 days ago

    @Lulu Sprks like it so its 667

  • Eloise Allen 2 months ago

    *at a sleepover with all my 12 year old friends*Me: ok guys we need to go to sleep it’s like 3 amEveryone else: ok**silence**Someone: sack man**whole room bursts out laughing*g

  • Wanna hear something scary?Oh hell naw*story continues*Wth

  • ella tha gamer 1 months ago

    Then why would you click on the video

  • BUT SOUNDSMITH 1 months ago

    Well that SACKS, am I right????[ S T A N D N A M E ] : Silly Motions[ S T A N D U S E R ] : "BUT SOUNDSMITH"[ S T A N D S P E C I A L A B I L I T I E S ] : Make someone around Stand user not take anything seriously

  • Atasha Magluyan 2 months ago

    0:31 I'm saying this because I'm an 11-year old*that is one short 12 year old*

  • Blerina Rexhepi 19 hours ago

    SillyRaptor101 im 5’3 and 12

  • Blerina Rexhepi 19 hours ago

    Shadow Night 3’9?