Long Vs. Short Makeup Routines

  • Published on:  1/8/2019
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  • Julie 2 months ago

    Makeup routine:Microblade brows (0 mins)Lash extensions (0 mins)Lip balm (5 secs)Self motivational pep talk (47 mins)

  • unknown .1 2 days ago

    @Tarfa AlJallaf something for my wrist wrist wrist

  • Vivi Gabagat 17 days ago

    @Ylva Geier Daatland ohmigosh same :<

  • meh _ 5 months ago

    "I want them to look like sisters but they end up looking like distant cousins""I'd rather look like a cooked rotisserie turkey than a dry ham" *what a legend*

  • Lola Arcana 24 days ago

    You want to look like a snack, but I'm a meal ;)

  • ActuallyOrange 1 months ago

    Beatrice Nedergård also of people say that lol not just on Instagram. Lol no hate

  • Nelly Osetrov 1 months ago

    The blonde looks like captain marvel

  • @Browntwig lol

  • Browntwig 18 days ago


  • Lois Deborah 2 months ago

    I cut my bangs so that I don't have to do my eyebrows! GIRLLL SAMEEE

  • Ellie F 4 months ago

    “I have to stare at my face for 30 min and then I start my makeup” I relate 😂

  • whatever unicorns 2 months ago

    "dark circles dark circles, they're underneath my eye"LMAOO

  • Thao Thao 1 months ago

    It came exactly when I read your comment :))))

  • LJ Castor 2 months ago

    "you're trying to look like a snacc but i... am a meal. *winks*" I C O N I C

  • Varsha Playz 8 hours ago


  • Davy Land 19 days ago

    LJ Castor Right but I’m not a meal or a snack I’m a whole buffet 😂😛 no one said that I just came up with it But it’s true

  • Aurora the Snowflake 4 months ago

    ok but 30-45 minutes isn’t that long for a full face.

  • Jasmine Heigrujam 25 days ago

    Mine takes just 5 minutes

  • Channing :D 29 days ago

    yeah, i'm sitting here like, mine takes 1 hour to a hour and a half...

  • Sam Williams 5 months ago

    "I do have a whole bag... of things I don't use" ME

  • lil mochi 4 months ago


  • Raksha Toolsy 5 months ago


  • Chris Fo 4 months ago

    I wouldn’t wear that much makeup if my skin was smoother